BBC Tech: Move more precise than Kinect

By Joe Anderson, Monday, 14 June 2010 13:34 GMT


BBC Technology expert Rory Cellan-Jones has claimed that PlayStation Move provides a more precise experience than Kinect.

Speaking after he had tried out a “enjoyable, if sweaty, half-hour” with Microsoft’s new device the BBC man said, he could “certainly see the attractions of throwing away the control and just flinging yourself at the game,” however he also added that he was still to be convinced.

“I was not quite convinced that Microsoft’s technology would deliver for hard-core gamers. It seemed to work well on fun Wii-like games where you didn’t need too much precision – I’m not so sure how whether it would deliver on a first-person shooter.”

Comparing the device to Sony’s Move he added:

“I’ve had a go on Sony’s Move motion control system, which is unveiled on Tuesday. Sony’s solution is much less radical. It has retained the controller, now adorned with glowing spheres which interact with a sensor unit on the television.

“This makes the whole experience less physical than with Kinect, but it also delivers a lot more precision. Sony showed us a table tennis game which seemed to mimic the real thing much more closely than I have seen elsewhere.”

It is only when both devices are released that we will discover which, if any, will be the most popular, but it seems that one man has already made up his mind at least.

Microsoft will be revealing more details on Kinect tonight , while it’s Sony’s turn tomorrow.

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