Crackdown 2 DLC will “completely change the way that the game plays,” says Ruffian

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 8 June 2010 10:42 GMT

Crackdown 23

Crackdown 2 producer James Cope has told CVG that DLC planned for Crackdown 2 will live up to the standards set by downloadable content for the first title from original developer RealTime Worlds.

Cope also noted that DLC from Ruffian will “completely change the way” the open-world actioner is played.

“I can’t really talk about the specific feature set of the DLC yet but what I do believe quite strongly is that Crackdown still has one of the best DLC offerings on Xbox Live,” he said.

“It’s because it expanded the gameplay of the game – it didn’t just provide more trinkets, it provided a brand new way of playing the game, it gave you new things to do and more ways to do it. That’s the approach we’re taking this time.”

So what can you expect in your bowl of Crackdown 2 DLC other than the game changing stuff? New vehicles, weapons and multiplayer arenas, basically.

“So yes, you can expect the usual things like new vehicles, new weapons and new multiplayer arenas, however what we are going to be doing is completely changing the way that the game plays”

“For us the beauty of DLC is because we’re an open-world game we don’t have to think about episodic storytelling or anything like that. We can take the building blocks of Crackdown 2 and make completely different types of game with those blocks.”

Crackdown 2 releases on July 9 in the UK. The introduction for it was leaked yesterday.

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