Pachter: No browser for 360 as Microsoft wants to “own internet”

By Joe Anderson, Sunday, 23 May 2010 08:54 GMT


Speaking on the latest version of GameTrailers show Pach Attack, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has explained why he feels Xbox 360 will never have a browser. It’s all down to ownership, apparently.

In response to a question on the subject, Pachter said:

“The 360 doesn’t have a browser, and never will, because Microsoft’s vision when they made the original Xbox was to own the internet. The way you own the internet is to make sure all traffic that passes through your box is controlled by you.”

Pachter opined that adding social media content to Live is acceptable to Microsoft because it still doesn’t allow open browsing.

“Microsoft [said], ‘You are not getting out of this box unless we control your access.’ So when you replicate Facebook, Twitter, Nextflix on the 360 it’s not the same. You aren’t actually going to those sites; you are going to a Microsoft-controlled site where they know exactly what you are touching.

“Eventually you will be able to visit Amazon on the Xbox and you’re going to be paying them a piece of whatever purchase you conclude – well you won’t be paying them, the company you purchase from will.”

Big Mike concluded by snapping those bright red braces.

“Microsoft is all about making money, and that’s the cool thing about my job; I get to assume that everyone I talk about is greedy, and greed is good. Microsoft is going to end up charging you for everything you do, but they won’t charge you; they’ll charge the person you’re paying.”

An internet browser is something that 360 fans have been requesting for years.

You can watch Michael Pachter’s full show here.

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