Rumor: Red Hot Chili Peppers getting their own Guitar Hero game

By Nathan Grayson, Saturday, 1 May 2010 11:44 GMT


When we think of rock ‘n’ rollers that deserve their own games,  we always harken back to the classics. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, etc. You know, era-defining bands like that.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, though?

Huh. We never really thought about them. But now that we have, we’re actually pretty all right with this.

The news comes by the way of a survey received by Kotaku, which asks gamers whether or not they’d be interested in a Red Hot Chili Peppers-themed edition of Guitar Hero.

“Celebrate the entirety of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ life, starting with their early days in LA, to their famous Hyde Park concert to their highly anticipated new studio album. Discover the story behind their legendary music as you unlock interviews, retrospectives, concert footage and other commentary,” reads a portion of the survey.

So basically, the game would follow (perhaps a bit too closely) in the footsteps of previous members of the Guitar Hero family – for instance, GH: Van Halen, GH: Aerosmith, and GH: Metallica. Really though, it’s all about the music, man. Just don’t look directly into the eyes of Guitar Hero-ized Flea and you’ll be fine.

More through the link.

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