Reggie: “No HD loss for Wii customers” with Netflix movie service

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 14 January 2010 14:57 GMT


NOA’s Reggie Fils-Aime chatted to CNBC yesterday about Nintendo’s deal with Netflix, telling the news outlet that because there’s not a lot of HD content through the streaming movie service, Wii customers won’t even miss higher resolutions.

“First, off and I’m sure Reed [CEO of Netflix] would support this is, the vast majority of content that is available for streaming through Netflix is not HD content,” he told CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo (via Siliconera). “So, there is really no loss for the Wii consumer – the fact that they can’t get any HD content through our system.

“But, even more importantly than that, the consumer has voted. Over 26 million consumers have bought a Wii. The consumer is saying, for them, the quality of the visual is not nearly as important as the overall entertainment, the overall value of that experience and that is really what has propelled us.

“In terms of what the future holds, we’ve gone on record to say the next step for Nintendo in terms of home consoles will not be simply to make it HD, but to add more and more capability and we’ll do that when we totally tapped out all of the experiences for the existing Wii and we are nowhere near doing that yet.”

These comments back up recent Fils-Aime remarks to BusinessWeek, when he confidentially stated that Wii “has a very long life in front of it” and no “Wii update or new system” would be coming out of Nintendo in the next few months.

You can watch the interview through GoNintendo, which also includes Netflix’s dapper CEO, Reed Hastings.

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