Dragon Age DLC loots $1 million in one week

By Nathan Grayson, Friday, 13 November 2009 02:54 GMT


If you don’t build it into the main game, they will come, apparently. Dragon Age’s DLC, which released alongside the full game last week, has already plucked $1 million from players’ all-too-willing wallets.

“Dragon Age just launched about a week ago, it’s doing very well,” said EA executive VP and CFO Eric Brown. “The game was designed at the outset to have extensive PDLC [paid downloadable content] at launch, as well through the next 12-plus months of its lifespan. We’re well past one million in PDLC, so the attach rate appears pretty good.”

Whoa, whoa, Dragon Age. Can’t we slow down a bit? We’ve hardly even spent 15 hours together, and you’re already talking white picket fences and DLC. Granted, we’re absolutely head over heels for you so far, but we’ve been burned before.

Thanks, G4.

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