Japanese hardware sales: Godzilla PlayStation rules Tokyo

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 13 March 2009 07:20 GMT


PlayStation hardware roared over Japan like Godzilla standing on the Tokyo Tower this week, with PS3 and PSP selling almost 100,000 units between them.

PS3 sales have actually risen since Yakuza 3 launched two weeks ago, so Sony will be pleased and punch. Probably pleaseder.

Data for March 2-8. Last week’s chart here.

  • PSP – 59,568
  • PS3 – 39,835
  • DSi – 32,102
  • Wii – 16,560
  • Xbox 360 – 14,994
  • DS Lite – 11,240
  • PS2 – 4,954

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Japanese Hardware Sales

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