Games that sell over three million copies are not “bad”, says Doom designer

By Mike, Tuesday, 5 August 2008 12:34 GMT

Speaking at QuakeCon, Doom III designer Tim Willits told Eurogamer that although he understands the criticism levelled in some quarters at the horror FPS, he feels the sales figures speak for themselves.

“Games that sell over three-and-a-half million copies are not bad games,” said Willits.

“If you are any self-respecting videogame player, you love Doom, but everyone’s vision of Doom and memories they had of playing Doom, and what they thought Doom should be – everyone had a different idea.”

He added: “When you’re that popular, you will have different opinions. It was very successful for us, and I love playing it even to this day, and there are few games that look better, still, and that game came out a long time ago.”

By Mike Bowden

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