MS Gamer’s Day: Data will speak for itself in console race, says Kim

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 14 May 2008 09:01 GMT


The Eurogamer massive got a Kim interview too, the first bit of which just popped up on GI. Speaking at the Microsoft Gamer’s Day in San Francisco yesterday, the Xbox boss refused to be drawn on the states of play between his firm and Sony, saying only that the figures will tell the final story.

“I understand that Sony has declared leadership already,” he said. “We’ll let the data speak for itself.”

He also stopped the tides and rippled the fabric of universal matter by telling the site he thought 2008 would be a successful year for Xbox 360.

“What we’re really trying to communicate is that this is going to be another landmark year for Xbox 360,” he said, “mainly because we are really focused on the strategy of tremendous exclusive content. Titles like Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Banjo, et cetera. as well as the continuing leadership we have in the online space with Xbox Live.”

Hit the link for more. CVG’s already posted a full interview with the exec this morning.

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