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Quake Live is now available on Steam

Quake Live is still around, apparently. The free-to-play shooter is now available on Steam.


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  • Quake Live is now available on Steam

    Quake Live is still around, apparently. The free-to-play shooter is now available on Steam.

  • Quake Live standalone client released, remains free-to-play

    Bethesda has announced that the standalone Quake Live client which was announced in November has been released. The game remains free-to-play and offers extended access and features to members with Premium and Pro accounts. Pro subscribers may now host matches for standard users on all seven Premium game modes, including Freeze Tag and Domination. Players […]

  • Quake Live is moving out of web browsers to a standalone client

    Online FPS Quake Live will transition to a standalone game client by the end of the year.

  • QuakeCon 2013 tourneys, Carmack lecture detailed

    John Carmack will give two presentations at this year’s QuakeCon, and id Software will host a couple of tournaments.

  • Quake Live Premium Pak 13 detailed; five maps, Standard arena cycling

    Five maps are headed to the free-to-play Quake Live in a new content update, out today.

  • QuakeCon 2012 Tournament Lineup announced

    Bethesda has announced the tournament line-up for QuakeCon 2012.

  • From now until May 6 QUAKE LIVE premium is free

    Bethesda’s announced a update for Pro and Premium subscribers to QUAKE LIVE, id Software’s browser-based free-to-play FPS, with the addition of the Premium Pak 12.

  • Quake Live back up after seven hour downtime

    Somewhere in the world, somebody had the free time and the inclination to play Quake Live, and they were seriously disappointed. Rejoice, free-to-fraggers: your world is restored.

  • Premium Pak 4 announced for QuakeLive

    Id’s announced yet another premium map pack for its browser-based Quake game, QuakeLive.

  • id adds new QuakeLive levels for paying subs

    Freemium Quake III browser remake QuakeLive got four new maps today, but only to those that pay.

  • Sign up for Quake Live, experience Premium service for free until Sept. 26

    id has announced that starting today, anyone who signs up for Quake Live can get the Premium subscription membership benefits for free until September 26.

  • Quake Live finishes Beta, subscription plans detailed

    id Software has announced Quake Live has finished Beta and Premium and Pro subscriptions will be made available later today.

  • Quake Live gets patched with new features

    id Software has updated Quake Live this week and like most patches, contains some changes and bug fixes, but it also added some new features.

  • Quake Live is one year old, claim your player award

    Quake Live, id’s free browser-based version of Quake III Arena, is one year old today and id is handing out a special award for those who play.

  • Fairly large update coming to Quake Live next week

    id’s Marty Stratton has said that Quake Live will receive a fairly large update next Tuesday, July 14. Information regarding the content yet to be revealed, but updates to the game will happen on Tuesdays from here on out, but not every Tuesday. Updates will take around 3-4 hours, and bring down the servers, and […]

  • Sixth map for Quake Live campaign released

    id Software has released the sixth and last map for Quake Live’s six-week long campaign. “Quarantine” has a new area with three zones that “surround and are connected in multiple ways to an area of higher ground at the center of the map” and allows up to 10 players. It was designed for Clan Arena, […]

  • Siberia map coming to Quake Live next week

    id Software released Hidden Fortress this week, the first of six maps for Quake Live, and next on the list is Siberia. Scheduled to land May 26, this is map two with four more to come in as many weeks. Siberia is a capture the flag event designed for between 6 to 12 players and […]

  • Quake Live to get one new map a week for six weeks

    id Software has launched its “6 new maps in 6 weeks” campaign, meaning we get a new Quake Live map every Monday for the next six weeks, Eurogamer reports. DreamCast classic Hidden Fortress is up fist and will be followed by what the company promises will be both new and classic maps for the rather […]

  • Quake Live to get big content update in May

    id’s Marty Stratton’s detailed a sizeable content update for free-to-play shooter Quake Live, saying new maps and modes are on the way this month. You’re going to get: A Practice section New maps Use of private matches and servers Tweaked skill-matching And plenty more. Get it all through the link. Thanks, BigDownload.

  • Carmack: Quake Live is about beating consoles, Mac and Linux clients on the way

    id boss John Carmack’s told Gamasutra that Quake Like – which hit open beta today – is partly about showing what the PC can do as a platform. “A lot of this project was about doing something that the PC was going to be better at than the consoles,” he said. “Our modern triple-A stuff […]

  • Quake Live gets hammered, 113,000 people sign up

    Over 113,000 people have signed up for Quake Live since the free-to-play shooter went into open beta this morning, as seen on the game’s twitter. Around 10,000 users are constantly in line to register for the game. The latest incarnation of id’s classic FPS looks as though it may well “work”. Good luck if you’re […]

  • Quake Live beta goes open

    The Quake Live beta is now open, meaning anyone can play completely gratis. Hit this to get involved. The free-to-play shooter includes 40 arenas, five play modes and tons of other stuff. It’d be very rude to not give it a go. So do.

  • Carmack mulling Quake Live premium service

    According to CVG, id’s John Carmack is mulling over a Quake Live premium service. Quake Live has always previously been discussed as free to play. His comments will appear in the next issue of PC Zone and read thus: In the beginning Quake Live will be completely ad-supported, it’s not out of the question that […]

  • Quake Zero name changed due to domain squatter

    According to this Shacknews piece, id revealed at QuakeCon today that the firm was forced to change the name of upcoming free-to-play shooter Quake Live from the original Quake Zero because of a domain squatter. Apparently the company announced the game without registering the domain. Sensible. “This was an idea we had mere weeks before […]

  • Quake Live trailer is made of complete win

    Oh. Our. Gods. The E3 Quake Live trailer – after the break – shows something so obviously amazing we can scarcely believe it. The fact this is completely free to play points at a game and concept that could be wildly successful. See for yourself. There should be plenty more on this from QuakeCon at […]

  • Five new Quake Live pics emerge

    IGN has five new screenshots of id’s free-to-play, ad-filled, online shooter, Quake Live. Take a look. By Mike Bowden

  • Quake Live: You can’t turn the ads off

    Speaking to IGN, id’s John Carmack has confirmed that you won’t be able to switch the in-game ads off in upcoming free-to-play shooter, Quake Live. “No, there’s no current plan for that,” he said. “Not to say it couldn’t happen depending on how the market bears out on it. Actually, turning the ads off right […]

  • Carmack confesses favourite id game, slams modern design

    John Carmack’s admitted that his favourite id Software game is Quake III Arena. You know what, John? Same with us. The code legend gave up his personal shooter preference in a PCGamer interview about the upcoming free-to-play Quake Live, and also took the opportunity to stick a knife into completist “movie” gaming. “Quake III Arena […]

  • Quake Live beta sign-ups now open

    Here. Quake Live is the renamed Quake Zero, the free-to-play, browser-based version of is’s shooter which is funded by ads supplied by the IGA. Go take a look.

  • GDC: First shots of Quake Live released

    Here. Quake Live was announced today as a free-to-play version of the id shooter, which will be funded by ads supplied by IGA. The game will apparently run in a browser, but that doesn’t look too browser-friendly to us. We’re sure we’ll be proved wrong.