Driveclub: bad weather has never looked so good

Tuesday, 8th July 2014 16:40 GMT By Matt Martin

Sony has released video footage of Driveclub’s dynamic weather effects – and it looks filthy.

According to the official PlayStation blog, the customisable weather system won’t launch with the game when it’s released October 7 – you’ll have to download it after release as free DLC.

That sucks. But still, get a load of this Scottish and Canadian racing footage – it’s raining cats and dogs.



  1. xxxGamesMasterxxx

    Forza Horizon 2 in comparison look’s laughable.

    #1 6 months ago
  2. xxxGamesMasterxxx

    Forza Horizon 2 in comparison looks laughable.

    #2 6 months ago
  3. Darksider123

    Not bad

    #3 6 months ago
  4. Darksider123

    Not bad, but this is 30 fps right?

    #4 6 months ago
  5. SlayerGT

    Holy shit at the tire trails.. Pretty impressive.

    #5 6 months ago
  6. fearmonkey

    Looks beautiful to me….

    #6 6 months ago
  7. Mike W

    I’m impressed, not bad…..not bad at all

    #7 6 months ago
  8. Mike W


    Yea it’s 30fps, but I’m still in shock how good it looks.

    #8 6 months ago
  9. mistermogul

    It can’t be bad as even Erth has commented on how “shit” it looks! :)

    #9 6 months ago
  10. RafaelMendes

    @Darksider123 yes, it will run at 30fps, but intead of 60hz it will run at 400hz.

    #10 6 months ago
  11. Rat

    I’m interested in this game again ! They lost my interest with the delay but looking at these footage and to think that the final version running on PS4 on my beautiful 46 inch LED is going to look even better , I just can not wait !!!

    #11 6 months ago
  12. SlayerGT

    So we still going to start up VG247 club?

    #12 6 months ago
  13. Aullah

    @Darksider123 Yea… and thats PRETTY BAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

    #13 6 months ago
  14. Spider Law


    #14 6 months ago
  15. Doppleganger

    @SlayerGT There’s no tire trails. You mean the spray I assume as I don’t see trails left in the road.
    Does look absolutly stunning.

    #15 6 months ago
  16. SlayerGT

    @Doppleganger I’m talking about the way the tires are clearing water from the soaked areas and adding water to the dryer areas. It’s a special effect Kaz from Polyphony talked about implementing in Gran Turismo 5 and hasn’t made it in yet. It’s really neat looking.

    #16 6 months ago
  17. Dimaco

    Look at that!! Just can’t wait… it’s been quite a long time since I last played an enjoyable racing game… wonder how project cars’s gonna turn out…

    #17 6 months ago
  18. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    Game looks great!!

    #18 6 months ago
  19. jmg24bad

    OK you cant help but jizz all over your screen for this

    #19 6 months ago
  20. CPC_RedDawn

    Sorry but if that is how it plays the frame rate looks horrid. 30fps for a racer is unacceptable, in third person shooters it is passable. But in FPS, RACING, FIGHTING, 60fps and above is needed!

    Also, this rain does look pretty good, but I have seen better in F1 2013, and other racers too. Project Cars blows this out of the water!!!



    #20 6 months ago
  21. CPC_RedDawn

    @RafaelMendes yes, it will run at 30fps, but intead of 60hz it will run at 400hz.

    OK Not sure if this is a troll post or an idiot post!

    You do know that Hz and Fps are basically the same thing. Hz is how many times a second your TV/monitor refreshes every second (ie how many frames it displays every second). If a game is locked to this (commonly known as vsync) your max fps will be locked to your refresh rate (ie 60Hz = 60fps). Games can go over your refresh rate, but smoothness is lost and tearing can occur as the monitor is being sent more frames than it can handle and the frames go out of sync.

    This game will NOT run at 400Hz, you would need a TV with a refresh rate of 400Hz to see any benefit and even then there is no way on earth a PS4 could display 400Hz with 400fps. Even if they set a TV up with 400Hz and this game was locked at 30fps you would never get any benefit from that 400Hz TV.

    #21 6 months ago
  22. rockman29

    @CPC_RedDawn That…. doesn’t even look close to Drive Club.

    The DC footage lighting looks far more accurate…. I can definitely attest to it driving on highways in the area.

    #22 6 months ago
  23. kisame

    it just have more extra weather effect and peoples all ready calling names
    lmfao at pushing this game 1 year from its original release now that’s laughable
    besides there is no difference in cars at all for not saying that Horizon 2 have more details in cockpit view

    #23 6 months ago
  24. aseddon130

    bore off with the 30fps stuff, that looks damn good!

    #24 6 months ago
  25. FoureyesZero

    Gameplay was sacrificed for these graphics meaning this game is meant to looked at and not played.
    Graphics over gameplay developers shouldn’t be supported.

    #25 6 months ago

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