Watch Sunset Overdrive’s intro movie and raw Xbox One gameplay

Monday, 7th July 2014 08:14 GMT By Dave Cook

Sunset Overdrive was on show at RTX 2014 in Austin, Texas over the weekend, and one gamer has recorded the shooter’s intro movie and some raw gameplay off the show’s Twitch feed.

It follows the first footage of Sunset Overdrive’s crazy eight-player Chaos Mode. Check it out.

Arekkz Gaming tipped us off about the clips this morning. The first video below is Sunset Overdrive’s into movie, which shows the energy drink promo event that sends Sunset City into a spiral of chaos.

And then we have a new glimpse of raw Sunset Overdrive gameplay with commentary from Insomniac Games.

What do you think?

Sunset Overdrive is out October 28 on Xbox One.



  1. Aullah

    This looks like a game for 5 year olds. Not joking.

    #1 6 months ago

    I’ve not seen anything from this title that screams must have Xbox exclusive.

    However it looks more fun and crazy each time I see it, which is promising for a fan of Insomniac.

    #2 6 months ago
  3. TheWulf

    Wow, that story, so deep. One of the things I liked about Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time is that elements such as Orvus and Azimuth added a level of emotional depth. It invoked feels, which I was all too happy about, because I sympathised so much with pretty much everyone in that story (even Nefarious, to an extent).

    And, frankly, they’re almost all nerds. Orvus, the Junior Caretaker, Ratchet, Clank, Nefarious, the Vullards, the Terachnoids, et cetera. Insomniac knew their audience. The fact that a bunch of them were more introverted nerds, too (especially Orvus, Clank, and the Junior Caretaker) was appealing.

    It had a warm intelligence to it, it knew it was intelligent but it just wanted to have fun. And so, so many varied gameplay mechanics, too! The new wrench from Booty, the liquid thingy that we hadn’t seen since the earlier Ratchet games, the space sections with the undeniably hilarious radio stations…

    I dunno.

    This feels more like Ratchet & Clank for Idiots: The Soulless Dude-bro Experience now than it did before. The gameplay lacks depth, the mechanics lack variety, the guns lack originality (except in the visuals, in some cases, because I’ll give them that), and the characters are about as shallow as a puddle on a pavement in a summery day.

    Not to mention that in R&C, you were actually emotionally engaged by numerous things. The fate of Orvus, the return of the lombax race, the protection of the clock, et cetera. In this, it’s just ‘hurr hurr male power fantasy about zombie apocalypses.’ That’s it, really. And it’s just… zombies. They’re hardly the stupendously original critters we saw in Ratchet & Clank, are they? Ratchet & Clank had fish driving mech suits, what does this have?

    I just don’t understand the purpose of it.

    The whole idea behind it seems to be…

    Why doesn’t Ratchet & Clank sell?
    The plot may be too complicated for the ‘dude-bro’ audience, it’s too wordy and it threatens them with thinking and feeling.
    So, let’s make it stupid and shallow. Um. An evil corporation causes a zombie apocalypse via a soft drink. Incredibly vapid, but it’s never been done before!
    Shut up!! Right, what else does the ‘dude-bro’ demographic hate about our past games?
    Well, our characters tend to have a depth to them which they can’t relate to. Ratchet, even, is a very introspective person who seeks inside himself for answers as often as he looks externally. It’s too much of a complex idea. The only worry a dude-bro has is bills, you take the bills away, and life’s rockin’. Just women, guns, and shit to kill. That’s what they like.
    Okay. So, yeah… our societal collapse will make sure there isn’t a realistic need for bills or anything, not sure about the women, but we’ll make our character incredibly shallow, dickish, and kind of an alpha male. The kind who thinks he’s attractive and popular, but he’s actually not. Though no one will tell him that.
    So, what’s up next?
    Well, they don’t like the alien worlds, it’s too far-fetched for them. Same goes for the weird foes. I mean, fish in mechs? Looks like a kid’s game to them. The problem with dude-bros though is that they have the mentality of a five year old, so they’re often playing Call of Duty with the five year olds. More mature gaming audiences usually prefer something like Pokemon and, yeah, Ratchet & Clank.
    Right. So we’ll set it on earth–
    Yeah, but we have to make it stand out.
    Right. So we’ll set it on earth, make it colourful so it stands out, and have it be about UBER COOL SKAT8RS AND PARKOUR, YO. That’s what the kids like, right?
    Well, yeah. But we can’t do too much with that, because we’ve found that the ‘dude-bro’ audience doesn’t like shifts. If you present new information in the middle of a plot or new mechanics halfway through a game, it throws them, and they head over to the Internet to rage. What you want is… probably some kind of grind, that’s just fun enough.
    So… put in lots of weapons for them to level up and just have them grind zombies forever?
    Yeah. I mean, we can steal enough weapons from past Ratchet & Clank games, but we’ll tone them down so that they’re not too difficult to understand.
    Right! So, a shallow game, a shallow story, a shallow main character, and completely unoriginal zombies for them to kill. Does that sum it up? Is that a ‘dude-bro’ game?
    Yeah. Yeah. I think we have it! If this doesn’t sell to the ‘dude-bro’ mechanic, nothing will!
    Okay, so… that’s a wrap. Oh. And try and find the most grating voice actor for the task as well.

    Also. I get the feeling that they’re trying to copy Saints Row IV with the ‘be anything’ attitude, but they’re doing it wrong. If you hate the main character with a passion, dude to how dude-bro he is, then no amount of clothes will make you like him. The thing Saints Row IV got right was that you could choose personalities. From the more subdued British guy, to the more exuberant Nolan North.

    And where as I can take limited quantities of Nolan North with the right presentation, I can play a whole game of Saints Row IV with the British guy just because of how subdued he is. He’s by far the calmest of the characters.

    Not only that, but even Saints Row IV didn’t seem dude-bro by comparison, it was a nerdy endeavour about video game jokes. It was a satirical walk down memory lane, touching on just about everything from Battlezone to interactive fiction to Streets of Rage. It couldn’t have been more nerdy if it tried. Though there’s a distinct lack of nerdiness in Sunset Overdrive, frankly. Even the LARPers seem more like a dude-bro perception, presented in a more mocking way, rather than actually being nerdy.

    So, yeah. It’s just Ratchet & Clank for stupid people. I’ll just… play Ratchet & Clank, I guess? I don’t need my intelligence insulted.

    #3 6 months ago

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