Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel may eventually come to Xbox One and PS4

Monday, 7th July 2014 19:40 GMT By Sherif Saed

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was surprisingly announced to only be coming to PC and last-gen consoles, a decision which some of the series’ fans were surprised to hear. Developer 2K Australia has now said that the door isn’t completely closed on a current-gen release.

Speaking in a interview with GameReactorTV, developer Tony Lawrence said, “I guess we’re full on developing the PS3, 360 and PC game, and we believe in that too.

“All the Borderlands 2 players are playing on those consoles. That’s the choice they’ve got. So we want to reward those guys. If fans say ‘hey, we’d really like this on a next-gen console’, well, we’ll think about that, but right now we’re concentrating on the consoles we know.”

Borderlands franchise director Matt Armstrong corroborated Lawrence comments and added, “The vast majority of our fans still have their Xbox 360 [or PS3]. The other thing is it’s the middle game in a trilogy. Moving it on to next-gen and requiring people to buy new hardware to play the middle entry in a trilogy feels a little disingenuous and we sort of want to respect that.

“As we said, one day maybe, I don’t know. We’ll think about that, see how people react to the game, how much fun they have and whether or not everyone moves on to the next gen fully next year. For now we’re pretty happy with our choice and I think people are going to be to.”

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  1. Froseidon

    “For now we’re pretty happy with our choice and I think people are going to be to.”

    Yes, I’m so happy I can’t buy this on my PS4… (Sarcasm intended)

    #1 2 months ago
  2. Sherif Saed

    I am guessing a remastered edition that includes all the games will hit current-gen next year or something.

    #2 2 months ago
  3. dazedonthemoon

    So basically they want to milk old systems before eventually releasing it in PS4 and XBO. And reap those profits as well. This was as good as a confirmation to me.

    #3 2 months ago
  4. ManuOtaku

    Well the name of the game hint this, pre (ps3, 360)-sequel(one, ps4), it will come on all home consoles.

    #4 2 months ago
  5. Legendaryboss

    I’m sensing a Bordelands trilogy pack will happen.

    #5 2 months ago
  6. Hcw87

    PC is the best way to play it anyway, PhysX effects alone makes it almost a completely different game. I’m sure we’ll end up having a trilogy remaster for next gen though, but i don’t understand why people don’t just play it on PC. It’s not like it requires a beast of a rig.

    #6 2 months ago
  7. Reddpayn

    “All the b2 players are playing on those consoles” what!?

    They should have done it for the next gen in the first place. It would have sold better on nextgen than on the last like every other game which has both versions (expect cod :D)

    #7 2 months ago
  8. Hcw87


    Last-gen user-base is massively bigger than next-gen. This makes all the sense in the world.

    #8 2 months ago
  9. Game Hunter

    @Reddpayn PS3 and X360 userbase combined:160 million people
    PS4 and X1 userbase:12 million
    your statement doesn’t contain any logical sense.

    #9 2 months ago
  10. SN3AK

    Well they did this with GTA5 so I don’t see what the big deal is. And if they just made console’s backwards compatible people would be happy :)

    #10 2 months ago
  11. Legendaryboss

    @Game Hunter @Hcw87 I believe the point he was trying to make was that sales are stronger on “next gen platforms” than “current gen platforms”.

    #11 2 months ago
  12. thegrimmling

    Why buy a game once when you can buy it twice!!!

    All seriousness, the biggest userbase is what they are targeting.

    #12 2 months ago
  13. The_Red

    This is actually smart. If it was a cross-gen game, people would have ignored PS3/360 versions and only go for new gen systems.

    Instead, anyone who wants the “NEW” Borderlands has to pay for it on PS3 and 360. Then a few months from now, PS4 / XB1 versions are revealed with devs claiming that this is their original vision and power of “Next-gen” allows them to make the best version which leads to people buying it again on PS4 and XB1.

    Why nobody else has tried this (Instead of going cross-gen)? Because not everyone is as sleazy as people behind Colonial Marines (Gearbox).

    #13 2 months ago
  14. Reddpayn

    It is bigger yes, but if you compare the sales data of this caluber games ( thief, bound by flame, mgs:gz, nfs) you can see that the next gen versions have sold more than the last gen versions. The reason might be that the next gen userbase consists of active gamers who are”desperate” to buy any games because there are very few for them. And the last gen gamers only seem to buy those “bigger” games you know.

    Anyway, im certain that this borderlands would sell better on the ps4/x1, regardless of the smaller userbase

    #14 2 months ago

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