Homefront developers stage their own Revolution – rumour

Friday, 4th July 2014 02:51 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Rumours of trouble at Crytek UK have not abated, with employees reportedly cooling their heels at home until their pay is forthcoming.


Most of Crytek UK’s staff aren’t going to work, according to Kotaku‘s sources, having handed in formal grievance complaints over unpaid salaries.

Speaking under conditions of anonymity, the alleged insiders said about 100 staff have walked, although it’s not clear how many of them are gone for good and how many are hoping to come back when the situation is resolved.

Rumours of trouble at Crytek arose last month when a number of alleged employees anonymously reported late or missing pay, the cancellation of Ryse 2, and lay-offs. Kotaku said that multiple staff have come forward to corroborate these claims in the interim.

Other whisperers even went so far to say Crytek was at risk of bankruptcy, a rumour the developer denied.

Apparently, Crytek UK staff are passing around a rumour that Deep Silver may buy the team outright and continue to fund development of Homefront: The Revolution, which is already booked to make appearances at various game shows.

Neither Crytek nor Deep Silver are yet to issue any statement on the rumours of late pay, lay-offs, rebellious staff and a possible buy out.

Homefront: The Revolution is expected on Linux, Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2015. We’ve seen some gameplay footage and it’s not looking too shabby.



  1. ChristopherJack

    Shame, it looked like one of the more interesting shooters at E3.

    #1 3 months ago
  2. Obernox

    Ah shit… Hope everything turns out okay.

    #2 3 months ago
  3. undermyrules

    if they go bankrupt it will be all of them and thier greed for more…

    #3 3 months ago
  4. wicktus

    I hope everything turns good for them.

    That’s what happens when you develop something like Cryengine 3 without any external support or solid game to market it . Is boeing going to conceive an airplane without any consultation/ contracts signed with airline companies ? no, they need to know that like the 787 there’s a market for it, and people willing to support the project

    #4 3 months ago
  5. OrbitMonkey

    What a CRY-ing shame…

    #5 3 months ago
  6. Gheritt White

    Poor, poor Free Radical… it’s like they can’t seem to catch a break :-(

    #6 3 months ago
  7. Legendaryboss

    Crytek in Crisis.

    #7 3 months ago

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