We’re betting Xbox One controller support for PC could be announced at E3

Friday, 23rd May 2014 15:30 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Disclaimer: I’ve rarely won a bet and I can never seem to win much when betting at the horse races. Now that’s out of the way, it looks as though Xbox One controller support for PC is coming “soon,” and what better place to announce it than E3, right?


Back in August 2013, support for the controller on PC was promised for some point this year, as confirmed by a Microsoft representative at the time.

Microsoft wanted to make sure it would ‘work properly’ with PC games, much like it’s Xbox 360 controllers do, because the “underlying technology” between the two controllers is different.

The firm would have to work around the “new wireless protocol, combined with the ability to work in ‘wired’ mode,” as well as adding features such as Impulse triggers.

“That means new software has to be written and optimized for the PC,” said the rep. “There is also some work that we need to do to make sure that existing PC games that support the Xbox 360 controller, will work with the Xbox One controller. While it seems trivial, it’s actually quite a bit of dedicated work for all that to be seamless for the user.

“We know people want to use the Xbox One controller on their PC, and we do too – we expect to have the functionality available in 2014.”

Despite these comments, it was rumored back in March Microsoft couldn’t get Xbox One controllers to work with PC, so it planned on releasing a PC-only pad.

Microsoft’s director of product management, Albert Penello, said the rumor was not true in the slightest.

“When the drivers become available, they will work with the existing controllers,” he said. “There is no plan to do a new, separate controller that only works on Windows. It will be the same as it is on Xbox 360 – the Xbox One controller you have today will work.

“That’s not to say that we may not ship also PC SKU of the Xbox One controller, much like we do on Xbox 360. How wireless will/could work is TBD. There are some options we are looking at.

“No more updates on the timeframe beyond what’s been publicly stated – the plan is this year.”

Cue Xbox Ambassador Major Nelson replying to a NeoGAF thread yesterday, stating support for the controller on PC is coming “soon, very soon.”

So, this leads me to think it could be revealed during Microsoft’s E3 presentation. AGAIN: note my disclaimer above. I’m not psychic and my “gut” is wrong 80% of the time. But I have a decent feeling about this particular horse.



  1. mistermogul

    “my “gut” is wrong 80% of the time”

    Poor you. You can get pills for that you know Steph?

    #1 4 months ago
  2. Stephany Nunneley

    @mistermogul :D

    #2 4 months ago
  3. polygem

    i hope so. i have played with that thing now and i really like it. would buy one for sure.

    #3 4 months ago
  4. aseddon130

    I find it funny how the PC elitest always cry on how crap consoles are but then insist on using console controllers to use, isn’t WASD not good enough???

    #4 4 months ago
  5. eathdemon

    @aseddon130 For some game genres it is not good to use a mouse and keyboard. the two main ones are 3rd person action games and racing games.

    #5 4 months ago
  6. Panthro


    I used mine for platformers only ;)

    I actually quite like Dirt, GTA IV, Arkham games, ACIV with my 360 pad.


    A console and a gamepad are entirely different things, I think my PS4 is poo but like the controller for a select few games, I also like the Wii remote for certain games like Red Steel 2 when I’m running an emulator, but Mario Galaxy is best suited with a controller.

    #6 4 months ago
  7. Panthro

    I meant

    “I actually quite like Dirt, GTA IV, Arkham games, ACIV with my *mouse and keyboard*”

    #7 4 months ago
  8. BrokenSpline

    Unlikely they will waste their E3 on announcing this. They don’t pay an exorbitant amount of money to officially announce PC support for their controller especially when there are unofficial ways of doing so.

    #8 4 months ago
  9. Panthro


    Any slightly positive news should be utilised by Microsoft, I don’t think they will announce this either but they should add as much positive filler as possible to cushion potential negativity.

    #9 4 months ago
  10. BrokenSpline


    I am not saying they won’t announce it. I just don’t see them announcing it at E3 especially since they have to paint the Xbox One in a new light from last year.

    #10 4 months ago
  11. Game Hunter

    @Panthro are you saying Super Mario Galaxy 2 also works properly with normal controllers?I thought that it needs some of the special uses of wiimote to play.I have Dolphin emu on my pc but I’m afraid that Super Mario galaxy 2 needs wiimote.that’s just a guess of course.and I don’t have a Wii,but I want to play Mario galaxies and tLOZ:skyward sword so badly.and unfortunately Wiis are nowhere to be found in my country and I’m saving for a new tablet.can’t spend even a single buck of my savings.

    #11 4 months ago
  12. sebastien rivas

    Well yeahhhhh I hope so. It would give Xbox one a bit of more presence worldwide somehow.

    I am not a pad/controller fan per se but I know the controller is appreciated after word of mouths. So if it can help while Microsoft find a way to Rebound with their Xb1 then why not, grab the money wherever it is and get some brand recognition/appreciation!

    #12 4 months ago
  13. antraxsuicide

    @sebastien rivas
    And also more sales. They already do that with Kinect (a ton of people are modding it for hospitals and other stuff). Selling controllers for PC would just mean you’ve got access to more sales than your console by definition.

    #13 4 months ago
  14. Panthro

    @Game Hunter

    Yeah, it will take you around 15 minutes to map the buttons (unless you find an already set up config profile) and you will be good to go, mine works perfectly and feels as if it would support a pad natively.

    The only thing which doesnt work is collecting crystals by pointing the wiimote at them but this isn’t really a needed feature to play the game.

    #14 4 months ago
  15. POOhead

    @Panthro there called star bits you fucking noob

    #15 4 months ago

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