3D Realms responds to Gearbox’s lawsuit stating owns the rights to Duke Nukem

Wednesday, 26th March 2014 21:01 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

3D Realms has responded to Gearbox Software’s claim that the companies are unauthorized to the Duke Nukem trademark.

3D Realms, Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment submitted an answer to the suit stating that in Gearbox’s Asset Purchase Agreement the rights were only for Duke Nukem Forever and that 3D Realms would be able to “complete and sell a videogame called “Duke Nukem Survivor,” according to Destructoid.

Survivor is likely the name of the Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction title which first appeared on the Internet’s radar back in February.

3D Realms states Gearbox doesn’t own the Duke Nukem trademark as it was never included in the Asset Purchase Agreement, thus, the Duke Nukem trademark “rights remain the sole property of 3DR.”




    if thats really true, good news. BUT…..if thats true why then did Interceptor Entertainment’s Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded stop….3D Realms, Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment are all together, whats stopping them from continuing Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded ???

    #1 6 months ago
  2. fearmonkey

    If this is true, then Apogee/3D realms pulled a fast one on Gearbox, as that was obviously not the understanding Gearbox had. I can’t imagine that Randy Pitchford thought “Hey I’ll fix up Duke Nukem Forever enough to publish and then have nothing to do with the Duke nukem Franchise from then on”.

    If it turns out that Apogee/3D Realms fooled Gearbox, some lawyers on Gearbox’s side are going to have some answering to do.

    #2 6 months ago

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