Ethan: Meteor Hunter getting cross-buy PS Vita version

Tuesday, 4 February 2014 15:54 GMT By Phil Owen

PC and PS3 indie puzzle platformer Ethan: Meteor Hunter will be getting a release on the PS Vita in the near future, says the EU PS Blog today. The Vita edition will be cross-buy with the PS3 version, and so if you already have that or buy it you’ll get the upcoming Vita edition free with it. Or vice versa when the time comes.

The Blog also posted a couple Vines to show what the Vita port brings to the table. Check those out below.

If you’re in Europe, the current PS3 version of Ethan: Meteor Hunter will be 30 percent off for all and 50 percent off for PS+ members. No equivalent discount for the US that we know of yet Though the US Blog hasn’t mentioned it, developers Seaven Studio say the same discounts will apply in the North American store as well. And if you’re wondering what we’re talking about here, check out this story trailer from the game’s initial launch last year.