Uncharted 4 & The Last of Us GOTY Edition in 2014 “doubtful” says Naughty Dog

Friday, 24 January 2014 10:43 GMT By Dave Cook

Uncharted 4 releasing in 2014 is “doubtful” according to Naughty Dog community chap Eric Monacelli. THe same goes for a Game of the Year edition of The Last of Us.

It follow Monacelli’s confirmation that The Last of Us: Left Behind is the game’s only story DLC, and that there’s new multiplayer content incoming. Hit the link to see what he said.

DualShockers has noticed that within the same thread of comments, Monacelli was asked if Uncharted 4 and a GOTY edition of The Last of Us would launch in 2014. He simple responded, “Ha. Doubtful.”

It’s not a stretch to assume that Uncharted 4 will appear at E3 2014, but Naughty Dog has been quiet on the title since the Uncharted 4 reveal trailer dropped.

What do you think?