Xbox One gets price cut at Zavvi

Monday, 20th January 2014 15:13 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One has been discounted at online retailer Zavvi. There has been no word on an official price-cut from Microsoft, so do treat this as one retailer’s decision for now.

The Xbox One product page lists the console at £409.99, down from its £429.99 RRP. It contains Kinect and all the contents of the full-price box.

It follows confirmation that three million Xbox One consoles were sold in 2013.

We’ve dropped Microsoft a line for an official comment on Zavvi’s discount. Stay tuned.

Via OXM.



  1. dreamcastnews

    Beginning of the end…..*


    #1 11 months ago
  2. Dragon

    Its happening!

    Looks like supply has overshot demand for X1 now.

    #2 11 months ago
  3. Pytox


    #3 11 months ago
  4. SplatteredHouse

    with this Ferrero roche they are really spoiling us :p (£20 off is headline grabbing? jeez.) It’s not even worth the enquiry.

    #4 11 months ago
  5. xxxGamesMasterxxx

    Still not worth the asking price. Drop the kinect to save me another 100 and I might be inclined to buy one.

    #5 11 months ago
  6. pablo2008jedi

    I was in my local CEX store at the weekend, they had quite a few XBONES on sale…no PS4′s …

    #6 11 months ago
  7. Panthro


    Were they selling them at prices higher than the standard RRP?

    CEX love ripping people off when it comes to hardware.

    #7 11 months ago
  8. pablo2008jedi

    Of course they where, after all retail shops had no stock. It simple trading mechanics. High demand, low stock. If people are stupid to pay over inflated prices its their fault :p

    #8 11 months ago
  9. Panthro

    I heard a lot of stores had ‘too many’ X1′s and there wasn’t much of a shortage…

    Also, they sell iPads at crazy prices even though there isn’t a shortage of them haha, CEX should be renamed ‘the hardware ripoff shop’

    #9 11 months ago
  10. Dralen

    Still not enough for me to buy the console. I’ll definitely get it once it hits the 300-350 mark though.

    #10 11 months ago
  11. Gheritt White


    #11 11 months ago
  12. The_Red

    This doesn’t make sense unless they are getting WAY too many PS4 orders, expect HUGE shipments for that console, have too many XB1s in stock and want to clear space.

    #12 11 months ago
  13. AsianGameing

    @2 LOL Xbone so demand so they have to cut price LOL , this is funny

    #13 11 months ago
  14. X14EVR

    X1 is not doomed they are just cutting price because they like customers to much and want to give everyone a good deal you are all blind sheep PC PS fags

    #14 11 months ago
  15. dreamcastnews

    @6 their website paints a different picture, they’ve got more PS4′s in the company by the look of it.

    #15 11 months ago
  16. DarkElfa

    @16, Did you just throw a homophobic slur at us, seriously?!

    #16 11 months ago
  17. mistermogul

    Zavvi have often sold hardware quite cheap though.

    Before the Vita price drop they were by far the cheapest in the UK for months. Their Vita was £143 while the nearest cheapest was about £160…

    #17 11 months ago
  18. X14EVR

    @18 Take it as homophobic towards yourself if you like. if you feel like I have offended your sexually it is up to you, its a word that has many definitions.

    #18 11 months ago
  19. X14EVR

    Your just upset since Sony and Gabe Stool don’t do any price drops for your shit.

    They don’t even like there loyal fans like MS do giving us 2 free games a month. all sony and gabe stool care about is money money money.

    #19 11 months ago
  20. DarkElfa

    @20, If I feel like you offended my sexuality it’s because you just called us “fags”.

    The word has about three accepted definitions, were you calling us homosexuals, cigarettes or bundles of kindling?

    #20 11 months ago
  21. X14EVR

    bundles of kindling, durr.

    #21 11 months ago
  22. DarkElfa

    @23, please go back under your homophobic bridge please.

    #22 11 months ago
  23. X14EVR

    Upset you because of how expensive your PC was so you pirated everything :’( I sarry.

    #23 11 months ago
  24. DarkElfa

    @25, are you really this bored? Go get some help man.

    #24 11 months ago
  25. X14EVR

    How can I be so bored with all these cheap xbox’s and love raining down from MS.

    #25 11 months ago
  26. DarkElfa

    @27, the only thing raining in here is your bullshit.

    #26 11 months ago
  27. Hyperx64

    Just a localised price cut to bring customers to their store. That’s how retail works. It ain’t no conspiracy.

    #27 11 months ago
  28. Djoenz

    Do people even read the fucking articles before commenting?
    I cant believe how many retards exist online….

    #28 11 months ago
  29. torjs99

    suck it early adopters

    #29 11 months ago

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