Evolve’s medic class hunter detailed: weapons, skills & more revealed

Monday, 20 January 2014 11:30 GMT By Dave Cook

Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios has discussed the shooter’s medic class as part of its recent GameInformer coverage. Say hello to Val.

It follows Turtle Rock’s run-down of Evolve’s Trapper and Support classes, and another article on the game’s Assault class. We’ve also got a massive Evolve info blow-out through the link.

Now, GameInformer reports that Medic class Val comes packing a Medgun capable of healing fellow hunters in a similar fashion to the Medic’s skill in Team Fortress 2. Her offensive weapon is an Anti-Material Rifle which exposes an alien’s weak spot. Once tagged, any damage dealt by Val’s comrades will score a damage boost. It’s all about team-work, see?

Like all classes, Val comes with a tranquilizer weapon that both slows wildlife and highlights it for other hunters to see, and she’s also capable of using a skill caled Healing Burst that instantly patches up any hunter within its effect radius.

What do you make of Val so far? MP1st has a trio of images through the link, but we won’t embed them here as they’re water-marked.