VG247 Community Games of the Year Part Three: and the winner is…

Friday, 10th January 2014 19:26 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

The third, and final VG247 Community Games of the Year video is now available, featuring the top three games which you, the community, picked as the best of the best. Argue amongst yourselves over the choices below.

For the uninitiated, the community at VG247 picked the 10 best games of 2013, and our video editor Sam Clay complied the choices into videos.

You can watch the preview reel, Part One and Part Two through the links.

You can thank Dragon for the poll and viralshag and Sadismek for their tallying prowess.

This year’s Game of the Year Awards are dedicated to former Giant Bomb editor Ryan Davis, who sadly passed away in 2013. - Sam Clay



  1. wamp

    First, also the winner is Ryse. Sorry for spoiling it :)

    #1 12 months ago
  2. Obernox

    Bioshock infinite is still best *crosses arms*

    #2 12 months ago
  3. XanderZane

    LOL @#1. Ryse looked in credible, but the gameplay pretty much killed that game. I thought Bioshock Infinite was the best of the year for me. TLOU was great story wise and acting, but the gameplay wasn’t perfect.

    #3 12 months ago
  4. wamp

    @3 true that. Can’t deny the visuals in Ryse

    #4 12 months ago
  5. fihar

    Maybe it’s because 10 isn’t that big of a number but it ended up as being very, very predictable.

    Glory to Arstotzka!

    #5 12 months ago
  6. AsianGameing

    gone home :O 1st

    #6 12 months ago
  7. Pytox

    LOL my comment haha :D

    #7 12 months ago
  8. Obernox

    @3 I know right? it was more fun to watch than it was to play, it used unoriginal stealth mechanics that really hurt the gameplay imo.

    #8 12 months ago
  9. sh4dow

    Meh… I guess all those votes I saw for Hotline Miami fooled me. I kept thinking that it’ll still pop up.

    The only game in the top 10 that I’ve played was Bioshock Infinite. Or should I say “wanted to play”? Because after about an hour, I decided I simply wasn’t going to put up with this bullshit save system. And that people still played it AND rate it so highly… makes me fear even MORE for the quality of future games.

    #9 12 months ago
  10. AmiralPatate

    I think Infinite is great entertainment, with enjoyable storyline and good looks. Its pretty weak on gameplay though, so I wouldn’t rate it #3, but that’s just me.

    Also, too bad for Payday 2 not making the list. It was my favorite of the year, but I guess Yet Another Generic Modern Warfare Shooter 4 was more popular.

    #10 12 months ago
  11. mistermogul

    @10 – Agree. I wouldn’t even have Infinite in my top 5 but glad to see Tomb Raider getting so much love!

    #11 12 months ago
  12. Legendaryboss

    No LB quote? I can’t take this seriously then.

    #12 12 months ago
  13. Max Pain

    Well that was predictable.

    I really liked that you honored Ryan Davis, may he rest in peace.

    #13 12 months ago
  14. reversj

    Yeah, The Last of Us on top, really deserved. Plus Sam gave my comment a real manly voice. All is well.

    #14 12 months ago
  15. Ireland Michael

    This just in: Dragon is a robot.

    That was pretty great. Sad that Tearway didn’t make it. It seemed like it was getting a lot of vote. Even if I had a lot of issues with BioShock personally, I can’t really fault the last. I’m glad to see The Last of Us getting the love it deserves though. What a game, man. What a damn game.

    #15 12 months ago
  16. mathare92

    Good job on the editing, Sam. Having the title card things bookend the game footage was kind of jarring though – you know, where the ESRB ratings, platforms, etc. show up. Kind of unnecessary.

    I think the low view count is partly due to timing. Most end of year stuff is done in the last week of December – or at least posted then. Maybe we can finish the voting around Dec 15th this year, and you can work on the video on the last week of work before the holidays. Just my two cents.

    P.S. You got my terrible fake American accent spot on :P

    #16 12 months ago
  17. Dragon

    Great! I am glad Aliens Colonial Marines won!

    Looking forward to next year already :D

    #17 12 months ago
  18. dkpunk

    At this point, I feel safe saying that TLOU is now officially overrated. Sure it was a great game but GTA5, Infinite, Ni No Kuni, SM3DW or ALBW were far better IMHO. To each their own I suppose.

    #18 12 months ago
  19. Djoenz

    Muwahaha first video and third are hilarious. Sam you are brilliant. Well done.

    The Last Of Us deserves the first spot.

    #19 12 months ago
  20. Reddpayn

    Gtav is the king:)
    I hope that its not tlou like on ign. I played the game on hard and thought it was ok like 8/10, mainly because of the gameplay and level design. First when i started it, it felt really good and funny to use stealth and shoot or fight, but after a while i noticed that that was it, not much variety in it. Of course there are innovative and different sections in the game like when you play ellie or some puzzles(too easy and simple btw). I just feel that it was lacking something big.
    And the level design got too generic and repetetive, just same looking and feeling areas with same enemies and same ways to win them, doesnt sound so good if you ask me. Some say that it had the best story, well maybe, but for me story is not the biggest factor when it comes to games.

    #20 12 months ago
  21. RocknRolla

    Battlefield 4 place 10? are you fucking kidding me by putting mario and freaking rayman before that? this is shit with other words, a masterpiece like BF4 deserves at least place 3 ffs!

    #21 12 months ago
  22. mathare92

    @22 You’re not alone in your opinion of TLoU. It was the writing and presentation (and a few magical moments that may or may not involve spotted mammals) that made a lot of people love TLoU. The core gameplay itself? Yeah, kind of uninspired, if you ask me. Tom Chick ( and Errant Signal ( went into quite some detail to explain how the gameplay/story divide is, as ES aptly puts it, a ‘perfect implementation of an imperfect idea’.

    #22 12 months ago
  23. Cobra951

    This is not a carefully weighted evaluation, but a popularity contest. We need to take ownership of these results as a community. Getting mad about the collective results we caused ourselves is kinda funny.

    #23 12 months ago
  24. DarkElfa

    Its obvious the year’s best game was Monopoly.

    #24 12 months ago
  25. Ireland Michael

    @23 …wut?

    #25 12 months ago
  26. sebastien rivas

    First thanks Dragon, Sam Clay, Viralshag and Sadismek for your effort and contribution for 2013 polls, it must have been a hell of a war and long doses of caffeine to go through all those paper work… oopsss its digital, nonetheless thanks foe your huge contribution. Also thanks for the video editing for Sam Clay for VO’ing the whole thing, it was fun to watch and shed some good lights of some titles I missed but I promise I will play them in 2014!!!!

    #26 12 months ago
  27. Janet W. Hutchens

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    #27 12 months ago

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