Fightback: Ninja Theory launches its scrolling brawler on iOS

Thursday, 19 December 2013 10:55 GMT By Dave Cook

Ninja Theory has launched its scrolling mobile beat-em-up Fightback on iOS. It’s come out of nowhere, like a swift punch to the back of the head.

The last we heard of Fightback was this trailer from Ninja Theory. Check it out through the link.

Now, this new Fightback trailer signals the game’s launch on iOS:

The Fightback app page states that the Unity-developed brawler features over 100 stages, a touch-based punch, kick and combo mechanic, a customisable hero and an Endless mode that doles out bonus cash for more unlockables.

Fightback is also coming to Google Play, but it’s not out yet. We’ll update you once we hear more.

Via Eurogamer.