After Reset aims to fill Fallout: Van Buren’s gap, takes to Kickstarter

Tuesday, 12th November 2013 21:47 GMT By Brenna Hillier

After Reset is an old school open-world RPG in the style of the first two Fallout games – in fact, its developers describe it as filling the gap left by the cancellation of the project codenamed Van Buren, which would have been Fallout 3. The project was passed through Steam Greenlight in five days and has 15,000 Facebook fans, so it’s clearly got some traction, and indie studio Black Cloud is hoping to capitalise on that with a $900,000 crowdfunding campaign. Check out the rewards and stretch goals on Kickstarter. Trailer and pitch video through the break.



  1. TheWulf

    A post apocalyptic wasteland has such potential for being genuinely interesting. Look at Adventure Time, Gamma World, or Fallout Tactics. You could even go post-post apocalyptic and deal with the rebuilding.

    I’d actually really enjoy a game about an attempt to rebuild civilisation in a world that’s gone to zanyville. It felt like that’s what Fallout Tactics was setting up for, but it never happened, as disappointing as that is. Though it could have been amazing.

    Though it seems that in games most post apocalyptic settings seem to just be about an exercise for testosterone, like zombie games. “Society’s collapsed. Let’s kill all of the people and all of the things.

    That’s what this is. It’s a flat, uninteresting deadlands filled with murderers and psychopaths. I suppose for a lot of people that has appeal? But I don’t personally see the appeal. It’s never really been my thing to see humanity devastated, and then to see the remainder trying to slaughter each other. Not my thing.

    And now I’m thinking once again about how much I want a Gamma World game.

    #1 11 months ago

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