Homefront 2: first work-in-progress images appear in promotional handout

Saturday, 5th October 2013 13:37 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

The first images of Homefront 2 from developer Crytek have appeared via a promotional handout, and we’ve got off-screen images of the title for you below.

The images shown are “work-in-progress” and a bit wonky since since the images of the game were taken with a cell phone instead of a scanner, but you still get an idea of how the shooter is coming along.

Crytek purchased the IP from THQ last year, when the game was originally pegged for a 2015 release. Crytek was announced as the developer for the sequel back in 2011.

The firm said back in January that the release may slip a bit, as it’s possible Crytek may “change the release date, and move this to another release date we won’t announce yet.”

The handout mentions the game is “coming soon,” but that could mean anytime between now and the original 2015 window.



  1. monkeygourmet

    Superdae said he played this when he had the Durango dev kit.

    #1 1 year ago
  2. Playmaker

    Can’t wait for this on XB1. Loved homefront multi!

    #2 1 year ago
  3. Moonwalker1982

    Looking really good there, but when it’s a Crytek game, you know it will be a looker. Hopefully gameplay wise its good too.

    #3 1 year ago
  4. Biscuitpants

    this will pretty much determine how good free radical is now since its there first proper game since crytek brought them, hope its class

    #4 1 year ago
  5. Moonwalker1982

    Free Radical is making it? Wow i didn’t know that.

    #5 1 year ago
  6. Ali

    @1, Somepne posted this online… Seems legit..

    #6 11 months ago

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