Tales of Xillia costume DLC based on previous Tales games, trailer inside

Friday, 30 August 2013 11:30 GMT By Dave Cook

Tales of Xillia publisher Namco Bandai has released new details of the PS3 JRPG’s new costume pack, which sees the cast wearing outfits from previous Tales games. We’ve got a trailer here.

In a press release, Namco spooled off the available DLC costumes:

  • Jude is wearing the costume of Leon Magnus
  • Milla is dressed as Dhaos from Tales of Phantasia.
  • Alvin proves to be an amazing double of Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia
  • Elize unveils for the very first time in 3D HD the costume of Mint Adenade from Tales of Phantasia.
  • Rowen demonstrates his magic skills in Barbatos Goetia’s suit from Tales of Destiny 2
  • Leia dresses as Farah Oersted from Tales of Eternia.

The DLC is out now. You can check out my hands-on Tales of Xillia appraisal here.