Ubisoft considering online multiplayer for Fighter Within

Friday, 23 August 2013 12:52 GMT By Dave Owen

Ubisoft’s Kinect reliant, and therefore Xbox One exclusive, Fighter Within already features local multiplayer. That’s probably the closest to a real fight most of us will ever come. But Ubisoft is still evaluating whether you’ll be able to beat up strangers online.

Speaking to Joystiq, Associate Producer Nicolas Joye said: Since the beginning, [we’ve noted] online can potentially be an issue,” Joye said. “We’ll see what we do with it. Xbox One also is something that [Microsoft] is working on, their whole Live system behind it. We’re not aware of everything Microsoft is doing on their side, so we can’t detail anything right now but we’ll see later.”

There’s clearly a hope that online multiplayer will be available for the game, but it would seem that it might not be an easy thing to execute. It might even be a case of it being patched in after the game has launched.