Kinect a major focus in Unity’s Xbox One support

Friday, 16 August 2013 18:13 GMT By Phil Owen

Now that Microsoft is really into this whole indie thing, the folks behind the ever-popular Unity engine are working to make a version that specifically supports the Xbox One, much like they did with the 360. And as they do this, Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason tells OXMUK, they’re going to make sure that devs are able to take full advantage of the system’s capabilies, with “a particular focus” on the new Kinect.

“Because it’s so powerful – it’s actually [laughs] I don’t know which kind of words to put on it – if I say it’s ridiculous it sounds negative, but it’s just an amazing piece of hardware,” Helgason said. “And the software behind it is actually a big part of that, the software that the engine has to support well to make this good. And so we’re working on that.”

Other Xbox One features he specifically mentioned that they’re working on are SmartGlass and the magical cloud.