Dragon Age Inquisition: Morrigan isn’t party member but is vital to plot, says BioWare

Tuesday, 13th August 2013 11:11 GMT By Dave Cook

Dragon Age: Inquisition sees the return of series favourite Morrigan, but BioWare has confirmed that while she won’t join your party she is important to the game’s plot.

Morrigan debuted in Dragon Age: Origins and has since become celebrated among fans, and she recently appeared in the game’s latest trailer.

Speaking with Game Informer, BioWare creative director Mike Laidlaw said, “I think it is fair for people to understand that [Morrigan] will not be a party member. That’s going to disappoint some people, but I think it’s important for us to be upfront about that.”

Writer David Gaider added, “It’s not a cameo. She plays a significant role.”

Laidlaw added that the story of Dragon Age: Inquisition and Morrigan’s return have been built up for some time now, “The kernel of Inquisition’s story we knew from about midway through Dragon Age: Origins. The story has been in the making for a very long time. The story of Inquisition is [Morrigan’s] moment, which is a good way to think about it.”

Gaider added that past decisions might shape what kind of Morrigan you encounter in Inquisition, “Yes. The various states that Morrigan can be in – of which there can be quite a few, because we don’t know when to stop when it comes to making decisions – they’re all recognized. Whether or not they have the ultimate effect like the kind of reactivity someone imagines, that depends on the person. But we do recognize them and it does play a role of varying degrees depending on the surroundings.

He added, “[Morrigan] has a human role in this plot, which I think may surprise some people because they might only think of her as a plot device. She has this big plot she’s involved in, and while that’s true to an extent, I’m taking her to a human place. That will make sense after the fact.”

What do you think Morrigan’s plot will involve? Theorise below.

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  1. m2stech

    Morrigan seems…older…I’m guessing her mysterious child will be one of the party members!

    #1 1 year ago
  2. frostface

    After we ‘did it’ at the end of Origins, Morrigan returns years later with a kid she says is mine and she’s now looking for the lost years child support. The rest of the game is a court room drama.

    #2 1 year ago
  3. ayman03

    I want some answers regarding the whereabouts of one Gray Warden

    #3 1 year ago
  4. GwynbleiddiuM

    @3 You and me both!

    #4 1 year ago
  5. backup

    DA 2 was awful

    #5 1 year ago
  6. YoungZer0

    So I guess you have something in common.

    #6 1 year ago
  7. bradk825

    We also know from DA2 that Flemouth is still alive and kicking. Somewhere.

    I am also hoping they continue with the overall story, how the Warden and The Champion are both missing for some reason. Are they involved with Morrigan in some way? Did they know these events were coming and went away to prepare?

    Maybe in DA4 the playable party is the Warden, the Champion, the Inquisitor and Morrigan ;-)

    #7 1 year ago
  8. sebastien rivas

    I have nothing against Morrigan not being in DA3 or perhaps making just appearances.

    Though from a gamer’s experience, I must be clear that Morrigan character’s acres (emotionals, the way she thinks.. etc) in DA1 was well thought by the dev! Moreover she was an inspiration at many level to progress in the game.

    #8 1 year ago
  9. roadkill

    Asunder.. :) Oh this is going to be so fucking EPIC!! Bring it Bioware! My body is ready! :D

    #9 1 year ago
  10. Mineral4r7s

    Oh theres a third Dragon Age? DA2 must have slipped my mind. I would remember such a good game. (anybody that finds irony can keep it)

    #10 1 year ago
  11. TheWulf


    I guess you would think that. I’d pegged you around a younger age bracket, and you kids are all about the ‘ermagherd save da wurld’ plots. Dragon Age II at least somewhat remotely held my interest, unlike Origins.

    I suppose you have to be old and observant enough though to actually notice that most fantasy is actually the same repeated tripe over and over again. If not for the political intrigue in Dragon Commander, I would have even put that game down for suffering from the same problem. Thankfully though the experience is saved by entertaining sessions with politicians where I get to vote upon things like gay marriage and a health service that offers magitech prosthetics.

    But if you look at nearly every fantasy world in existence, it’s ‘save da wurld, save da wurld, save da wurld!’ and that gets old. The reason I love Shadowrun so much is because it has the good bits of fantasy whilst never having the bad bits, it’s never ‘save da wurld.’ Instead, it’s often things like corporate sabotage, investigation, being a detective, solving crimes and murders, perpetrating the most brilliant crimes, and just using fantastic means to do things in a fantastic world that aren’t about saving the bloody god damned world.

    I guess the whole ‘save da wurld’ thing is fine if you haven’t yet stepped into adolescence, but after a point you realise that it’s all the same. Dragon Age is the same as Tolkien, which is also the same as Dungeons & Dragons, which is the same as nearly every bloody fantasy thing out there. How many fantasy tales–outside of books–can we name that actually don’t revolve around ‘save da wurld?’

    I’m curious. I’m really curious.

    And often, it’s worse because you have to ‘save da wurld from da corrupshun,’ too. Which was the plot of Origins, WoW, Tolkien, and everything else. Yeah, the ‘corruption’ element in Tolkien’s works was very subtle, but it was still there. And it’s there in Dragon Age, too. I actually think I now understand why I loved Mask of the Betrayer so much, good grief, I think I get it.

    Okay, so Mask of the Betrayer was a very political game, it was about changing the rights of people who didn’t believe in the gods, and securing them an afterlife of something but endless torture. It was also about how the player had been stricken with the curse of the soul eater, and instead of ‘saving da wurld,’ the plot was about saving you. You could either lash out and destroy the world around you, or you could turn the thing inward and have it feast upon your memories, your very essence of self.

    It wasn’t completely free of the tropes, but at least it was something, and the Big Fight at the end wasn’t against the ‘Sauce of da Corrupshun’ but rather it was fought with words against the god of the afterlife.

    So… yeah.

    That’s why I hold Mask of the Betrayer in such high regard. I don’t know why I’m even telling you this as this is going to go above your head, as I suspect it will go above the heads of many. But when you look at it, all of your beloved fantasy works are just the same story told slightly differently, all about ‘save da wurld’ and ‘stahp da corrupshun,’ all of which insults the intelligence of the reader.

    A new fantasy experience, you’ve never seen anything like this before! Get ready to save the world from the corruption!

    Also: If Dragon Age III is about saving the world from corruption, I fucking called it.

    #11 1 year ago
  12. TheWulf

    And I am sorry for the anger and the bitterness but I’m actually old enough to remember a time when fantasy was about grand adventures of discovery, when it was just about the stuff you could do in this fantastic world.

    Shadowrun, Gamma World, and so many other settings that aren’t pure fantasy have maintained this and kept it alive. This is why I’ve turned my eyes away from fantasy because I can’t stand to watch it. Even science-fantasy has avoided this endless plot cancer. But ever since Tolkien and D&D or some time around then, fantasy has become about saving the world, and often there’s some kind of bloody corruption involved.


    And… I dunno. After seeing that so much in games, books, modern literature, and whatever else… I hate fantasy, now. I absolutely hate fantasy. I don’t want to ‘save da wurld,’ and ‘da corrupshun’ is the most tired, one-dimensional, boring plot element ever.

    There’s this fantastic world on offer, and all we can do is get boners about making it ours? “I SAVED DA WURLD, IS MAH TERRITARY NAOW! GUNNA BONE ALL DA PRINZESSES!”


    I’m sure no one else even remotely feels this way, but… I actually kind of liked Dragon Age II for not being about world saving. It wasn’t my favourite game, but it was okay, and it was far better than the abysmal Origins. Okay, you can light the fires and fetch the pitchforks now. I’m completely of the belief that Origins was an awful game because of its ‘save da wurld’ plot.

    Let’s have it.


    #12 1 year ago
  13. TheWulf

    Oh, and if anyone’s curious as to why I brought up Dragon Commander…

    It’s a fantastic game for the first two acts. For those, it’s about bringing stability to a war torn kingdom and creating a unified government. It wasn’t about saving the world so much as bringing it under one rule. I was okay with this, it was about creating stability and a degree of peace. That’s fine. And I loved dealing with the politicians.

    Then, in the third act, we find out that the demon Corvus was behind it all along. ~oooOOOOOooo~. He had apparently corrupted all of the Emperor’s foes with dark blood magicks to make them demonic and crazy, so now the whole thing was about saving the world from the corruption.

    There was a long, long soulful sigh when that happened. It effectively ruined the game for me.

    It’s just such lazy writing, and I know I could do better, as I feel most writers can do better. It’s mind-boggling, really. You see, the stuff about the politicians is written so well. I was iffy when I was forced to choose a princess, having no choice or advocacy against in the matter, but I stuck with it and the politics continued to be good.

    Then it turned into another ‘save da wurld’ game. And… I don’t understand why. Fantasy used to be this big, diverse thing, and Dragon Commander promised much of that. See, one thing Dragon Commander gets right is that they include science in it as an element, so to a degree there is some science-fantasy to it. It’s lovely. And the politics? Brilliant. But then the main plot is the usual fantasy tripe.

    It’s as though they felt they had to make it about ‘save da wurld’ to appeal to the plebeians who now solicit the genre as their chosen form of entertainment. It’s as though ‘fantasy,’ ‘save da wurld,’ and ‘ebil corrupshun’ are inextricably intertwined. Why is that?

    Often, I have very good reasons for my feelings and I’m almost certain I think out how I feel about something to a greater degree of depth than most would bother to do, due to their laziness. So I can accept much, I can solve plot holes myself, and I can forgive errors. What I can’t abide by is the same story being told over and over.

    I suppose what makes me sick to my stomach is plagiarism, and everything is plagiarism of Tolkien. And to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tolkien himself hadn’t plagiarised this nonsense from someone else, as I’m not entirely sure exactly where it started, but I know that Tolkien was a mainstream cause, at the very least. His books dripped with this, it’s like bacon juice to the fantasy-going masses.

    At this point, I don’t think it’s unfair to say that fantasy is synonymous with plagiarism. And what I want to see less of in fantasy is plagiarism. But I’ve learned time and again that I’m very alone in this, and that most people want the same story told over and over again with only slight differences. It’s then that I question the veracity of the creativity of the majority of my species as a whole. :P

    Honestly though… just so tired of plagiarism.

    And Dragon Age III is going to be the same thing again, because everyone hated Dragon Age II for not being plagiarised.


    #13 1 year ago
  14. fearmonkey

    Holy cow thats a wall of text….

    Back to the articles main point though, Spoilers below if you never finished the first DA game……

    The new format automatically gets rid of spaces it seems…Please dont read below if you dont want spoilers.


    Flemeth had nothing too nice in mind for Morrigan, and Morrigan said that Flemeth liked for her new hosts to go out and get experience and then they would come back and she would take over their form. Maybe thats what happened, or will happen in this game.

    #14 1 year ago
  15. sebastien rivas


    That’s why Morrigan had an important role in DA1 story and I am eager to start DA3 just to see what the dev have in mind!

    #15 1 year ago
  16. sebastien rivas


    If we fly over game story and background, yes we will find out that 99.99% of RPG are plagiarized games.
    Joseph Campbell created a model based for fantasy/adventure that still hold true to today video games and all RPG out there that has or simingly has a sense of story and background will fall into
    As well as's_journey.htm

    Therefore don’t blame RPG devers, they do everything they can to make it seem new and ot my eyes they are new one after the next because possibility are endless.

    #16 1 year ago
  17. bradk825

    Wow, not reading the giant wall of text.
    Skimmed it though, and fantasy stories will always contain certain constants. Containing dragons, swords, and a threat to the world do not amount to plagerism, they are more or less necessities. The trick is to make it a story about individuals. The big world event is the setting, not the story. The story is a group of individuals and how they deal with that conflict.

    #17 1 year ago
  18. Rafa_L

    @14 I don’t think that’s what gonna happen, Morrigan is a loved character, and that would be a cheap end to her. But you could be right =)

    @11 I read most of your text haha, not all, you repeat yourself too much. I get the point, you want original stories. I’m not a child as you indelicately imply people who didn’t like DAII are, but I’m one that didn’t. It’s not the story that made it an awful game, but the reused maps, the cheap combat and rushed everything. DA origins was an great, epic game. The fantasy world was consistent and though the menace was of great scale it wasn’t “NOBUL HERO, YEW MUST SAVE DA WURLD FROM DA CORRUPSHUN” or “I SAVED DA WURLD, IS MAH TERRITARY NAOW! GUNNA BONE ALL DA PRINZESSES!”

    #18 1 year ago

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