Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel added to Humble Deep Silver Bundle

Tuesday, 6 August 2013 20:49 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Three more games have been added to the Humble Deep Silver Bundle.

The bundle now includes Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel.

If you have already purchased the bundle, you can access Steam keys for the games right now from your Humble Bundle download page and play them for free.

The bundle already contains Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row 2, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Sacred 2: Gold Edition, and if you pay more than the average and you’ll get Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition and Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package, with all of its DLC.

If you pay $25 or more you’ll also receive Dead Island: Riptide.

Hit up the bundle page here.