Capcom Online Games announces 13 new titles, Breath of Fire 6 heading to mobile & browser

Thursday, 1 August 2013 12:01 GMT By Dave Cook

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Capcom Online Games has announced 13 new titles as part of its growing roster of social, mobile, free and browser games, including Breath of Fire 6 for multiple formats.

A report by Japanese site 4Gamer has been translated by GAF and lists the titles as:

  1. Monster Hunter Frontier G for PS3
  2. Monster Hunter Frontier G for WiiU
  3. Monster Hunter Frontier G for Taiwan
  4. Onimusha Soul for ‘consumer game platform’
  5. Euro Historia for browsers
  6. Monster Hunter Mezapolta Reclaimation for Browsers
  7. Street Fighter Battle Combination for iOS/Android
  8. Street Fighter x All Capcom for iOS/Android
  9. Monhun Everyday Airu Life for iOS
  10. Frontier of Discovery for iOS/Android
  11. Codename: Rio for iOS/Android
  12. Breath of Fire 6 for Browsers/iOS/Android
  13. Monster Hunter: Big Hunting Quest for iOS/Android

Hit the links above to see the site for each title.

Breath of Fire 6 is something of a surprise, and blog Esuteru has announced it will launch next year in Japan. There’s no word on a western release at this time.

Finally, here’s a trailer for Monster Hunter Frontier G on Wii U and PS3, care of GamesHQMedia.

What do you make of the announcements?