Kingdoms of Amalur: IP sale has generated interest by unnamed parties

Monday, 20th May 2013 14:56 GMT By Dave Cook

Kingdoms of Amalur is to be sold by the State of Rhode Island as part of the ongoing case against 38 Studios and owner Curt Schilling. Lawyers close to the sale have confirmed that the IP has drawn the interest of unnamed parties.

The Providence Journal reports that the sale will help repay some of the $130 million owed to the state by 38 Studios.

Speaking to the site about the sale, Providence-based lawyer Richard J. Land said, “Who knows what the value ultimately will be. But there is interest in the assets,” suggesting a game publisher or studio has already approached those handling the sale regarding a purchase.

The site adds that the Kingom of Amalur brand, together with ‘drawings, designs’ and other related work are the troubled studio’s most-valuable assets.

Court hearings will begin on Wednesday. We may know more about any potential buyers then.

If you want to play catch-up on what happened to 38 Studios, check out our coverage here.

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  1. Ballisticon

    Amalur is a great game. My only complaint is the FOV but sitting back from the monitor alleviates that to some degree. I would definitely buy a sequel or even be interested in the MMO if somoeone takes it over. I bet they could make bank by doing a B2P/GW-style cash shop for it. Anyway, Amalur is a fantastic game if you haven’t tried it.

    #1 2 years ago

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