Son of Nor supports mind-controlled power use

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 01:49 GMT By Brenna Hillier

That game where you can rearrange the environment using Jedi-like powers? You’ll be able to play it with your mind. Prepare to have your mind blown when you see it in action through the break.

Thanks to a partnership with the developers of Emotive EPOC, Son of Nor developer StillAlive Studios will offer support for the brain computer interface device. The optional peripheral will allow for control of telekinesis, terraforming and magic.

The Emotiv EPOC uses a set of 14 sensors plus two references to “tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect the user’s thoughts, feelings and expressions in real time”.

Two new pledge tiers have been added to Son of Nor’s Kickstarter campaign, at $300 and $530, which will reward backers with an EPOC headset.

If crowdfunding is successful, Son of Nor will launch on Linux, Mac and PC in the second quarter of 2014.