ESEA League admits employee mined Bitcoins off members’ systems

Wednesday, 1st May 2013 21:11 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

ESEA League has said an employee put a code into the league’s client software in order to mine Bitcoins off of users computers.

According to earlier reports, the league’s administrator and co-owner, Eric Thunberg, said the code was originally an April Fool’s joke which it tested on its own accounts. The joke was deemed to not be worth the “potential drama” which would ensure, so they “pulled the plug.”

However, co-owner Craig Levine has since told Kotaku that an unnamed employee who was involved in the test took it upon himself to unleash the code “for his own personal,” on April 13. This resulted in members reporting damage to their video cards because of the code.

The ESEA is offering those affected free memberships, and has said the employee will be disciplined.

The total value of the Bitcoins pulled from users’ computers was around $3,713.55, and ESEA has donated it plus a matching amount to charity.

It has also increased the prize pool for the current season by this amount.

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  1. sg1974

    Stupid people and their pretend money will always be parted.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. monkeygourmet

    They must have been found out before they could go shopping on ‘silk road’ :)

    #2 2 years ago
  3. jevonski

    bitcoins are the dumbest currency I can think of, let’s take my money I can use anywhere and make it into a virtual thing I can use online yay!

    #3 2 years ago
  4. rockman29


    No. Just no. How can it be safer when you can’t do anything when an illicit transaction occurs? Who is getting these people’s money back? Oh yea, Bitcoin’s own site says they can’t do anything about it. These people aren’t getting their money back period.

    Only the crackjob American libertarians think they know more about how money works than the leading economists and central bankers of our time.

    The American greenback is safer than any currency in the world, and there are a few reasons: people want it, people have confidence in the American economy and by extension the American dollar which you need to do business there.

    Bitcoins are lesser than even gold in terms of long term values. Let alone that ALL commodities fluctuate greatly in value over the years (look at oil and gold falling steadily from absurd highs), Bitcoins don’t have any or backing of a nation’s government and have zero use as a material (at least gold makes jewellery and is “shiny”).

    The only value in a Bitcoin is a perceived value of it, which makes it far, far less stable than any money which is distributed by a monetarily sovereign nation like America.

    The many, many years in which economists have cried foul at printing money by the US central bank is white noise against the reality that printing money keeps the economy from sinking underwater. The printing money over time although gradually decreasing the value of ONE dollar over a long period of time is necessary to keep people in their jobs and the economy healthy.

    The libertarian and capitalist advertisement of austerity (that the IMF) is a massive failure, which is what libertarians demand just so “each dollar has more value.” Which is stupid in itself, because the US dollar is a commodity like anything else, but is also “backed by the US government as an official currency which they can distribute” unlike other commodities. It is a fallacy to believe that it is necessary for “one dollar” to be valuable to keep the US economy healthy, and in fact the US economy has enjoyed massive growth over many years BECAUSE of the depreciating value of the dollar and the redistribution of wealth and lending that is possible to small businesses because of it.

    This idea of austerity as a solution to a troubled economy has been proven wrong by a student for crying out loud ( ) and the economists in control including Ben Bernanke, Mark Carny, and others thankfully are realists and not dogmatic about the “value of one dollar” and thankfully do not view the US dollar as some sacred cow that should not be touched lest ye be “un-American.”

    The printing of money as a strategy to keep people working and economies healthy at the expense of the “almighty value of one dollar” (and depreciation of money which is not spent and not contributing to the economy) has been a staple of all Western economies and the reason for their very survival, success, and massive growth in the past hundred years.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. klewd

    short: why u mad bro?
    long: yes, it’s true that it’s more difficult to regulate and control. that CAN be a negative side of it, but it brings a lot of advantages as well. you’re completely ignoring the advantages of this currency.

    i don’t think any rational person would say or believe that bitcoin is supposed to take over for everything else. it will just continue to exist as an alternative currency. you also seem to forget that not allowing charge-back/scams goes both ways. I could buy something from you online, then I could charge/revert the payment after.

    “How can it be safer when you can’t do anything when an illicit transaction occurs”
    what do you mean by this? illicit in relation to some laws? or as a scam? would you say that it’s much better with (e.g.) dollars because it’s more difficult to buy drugs with?

    i don’t know why you are defending printing of money so much in your post. not being able to print bitcoins out of thin air is not what bitcoin users love about it. bitcoin is the individualist’s dream currency: no taxes, tracking, transaction costs and most importantly it is decentralized

    #5 2 years ago

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