“I could not be happier”: Fargo on fans as publishers

Monday, 15 April 2013 14:02 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Free from the dictates of tradition-bound publishers, inXile boss Brian Fargo is answerable to at least 74,00 bosses, and as our huge GDC 2013 interview reveals, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The beauty of crowd-funding

Started in 2002 by Interplay Productions co-founder Brian Fargo.

Specializes in role-playing games.

Known for 2004′s The Bard’s Tale and 2011′s Hunted: The Demon’s Forge among others.

Currently developing Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera through Kickstarter funding.

Has pledged 5% of post-launch net profits of Wasteland 2 to back future Kickstarter projects.

After acquiring the rights to Wasteland back from Konami in 2003, inXile Entertainment founder Brian Fargo announced in 2007 he was planning to bring back the game which inspired the original Fallout.

Then, all went quiet until that fateful day in February 2012 when Fargo announced Wasteland 2 would soon be up for crowd-funding. On March 13, 2012, the Kickstarter page for Wasteland 2 went live with $900,000 needed to fund development. Within 43 hours, the goal was surpassed, and when dust cleared on April 17, Wasteland 2 had raised over $2.9 million.

It was the third highest crowd funded game on Kickstarter at the time, and an additional $107,152 was donated through PayPal pledges.

Due to such overwhelming success, in January 2013, inXile decided to try its hand at Kickstarter again: this time, with the spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment, Tides of Numenera after the acquisition of the Torment license. The firm was understandably nervous doing so, as it would be the second project it posted to the crowd funding site within a year’s time.

Such trepidation seemed to be justified when funding for the project seemed to stagnate at one point – before it took off like a rocket and became the second largest gaming Kickstarter to date.

“The first time around, with Wasteland 2, there wasn’t enough data to signify to me [stagnation] was normal,” inXile founder Brian Fargo told me during GDC. “So we thought we were in the middle of a drop-off, but we were wrong. We were like, ‘what happened?’ But we soon found out it’s a very natural progression.

“I read that 87% of Kickstarter projects are small, and I think that in the beginning, someone said only half of the projects were getting financed and only one quarter of those were video games. That’s insane. I mean, if you are out pitching products to publishers, maybe 1% of those are successful. This means that the successful one quarter on Kickstarter being financed brings that figure up to 20-25%. That is a huge statistic.”

“Kickstarter is maturing and helping vet projects what wouldn’t have sold. There is always a concept people will get behind. You just have to figure out what it is.”

With so many games and hardware options being financed through Kickstarter, many have predicted that the bubble is going to burst. While such a thing could be construed as inevitable, it’s not hard to suspect things are indeed slowing down, what with projects from high-profile developers either barely scraping by or failing to meet funding goals. Two such titles comes to mind off the top of my head: 22Cans’ Godus which we all thought at one point wasn’t going to make it, and Robotoki’s The Adventures of Dash, respectively.

“For a while all I heard about was Kickstarter fatigue or that it wasn’t going to happen or whether we should do another one,” said Fargo. “And I thought, if I can provide compelling reasons why and give people more detail – I mean you’ll notice the Torment pitch video was way more detailed than Wasteland 2 , and that’s because the expectations were different than a year ago. Just a year made a difference. But we took more time with the Torment pitch and if you are really striking the right chords and personifying and people understand why they should support a project with their money, I think Kickstarter will continue to do well.”

Fargo believes many Kickstarter projects fail due to pitches which don’t follow “the golden rules,” such as those that only show game footage. For a developer trying to get their game funded, such lack of attention to detail can make or break them. Backers need to know the developer: their background; their goals; their intentions with the title; why they have taken to Kickstarter in the first place instead of going the traditional route.

“I could never have raised money from the venture capitalists to do what I’m doing. It just wouldn’t have happened. Kickstarter is still in a growth period. Like all entertainment mediums, the filtering is going to get tighter.”

An example of one Kickstarter project which failed was the Fire Emblem-style tactical RPG, Telepath Tacitics. However, according to Fargo, the reason the title is once again back on Kickstarter, and successful this time, is because its developer learned from the previous failure.

“Look at Craig Stern: he went onto Kickstarter with Telepath Tactics and failed, yet people liked what they saw and knew he was a bright guy,” Fargo said. “So, he made another run at it and he’s funded this time. He learned and proved himself through failure, and came back and made it happen.

“I believe with the indies that if they are persistent and they show something they will start to have people recognize their talent and will have a chance to make it. They have to keep going. There is no other way. It’s just not as easy as it was that first year of Kickstarter when everything was going wild – it was like when the Internet exploded and everyone was becoming a millionaire.”

Fargo believes Kickstarter isn’t a trend. It will continue to be a source of funding; however, it has matured and is no longer going through its “unnatural” first phase.

“It’s maturing and helping vet projects what wouldn’t have sold,” he said. “I have friends with Kickstarters that didn’t work out and, I tell them that people still like them, and like what they do – they just didn’t care for that particular concept. They voted. They didn’t like it. There is always a concept people will get behind. You just have to figure out what it is: there’s so much psychology at work.

“I could never have raised money from the venture capitalists to do what I’m doing. It just wouldn’t have happened. I don’t see it going away, its still in a growth period, it’s just that like all entertainment medium, the filtering is going to get tighter. There are some developers who are trying to make Kickstarter their first project source. That’s a hard way to cut your teeth production wise. I mean, for example: ‘Here’s a Flash game. Isn’t it really great? Well now I am going to do this.’ There are a lot of indies out there who have never produced anything before and say: ‘give us money.’ That’s a harder conversation.

“Also, I think those products will be coming less and less, but that doesn’t mean it will prevent the indie from finding a way to get their voice out there through Flash or Unity or whatever the case may be. I have been doing this for 30 years so I have a bigger voice, for these guys to be in my position later they have got to get something to market so that people can see them and start to build a fan base. ”

Triple-A, the lack of indie support, and sexy heroines

Post-apocalyptic RPG co-developed by Obsidian Entertainment’s Chris Avellone, and sequel to 1988′s Wasteland.

Kickstarter launched March 13, 2012 with a $900,000 goal. Contributions hit over $600,000 within 24-hours. Funding ended April 17 with $2,933,252 raised through Kickstarter and $107,152 through PayPal.

Members returning from the original Wasteland team include: Alan Pavlish, Ken St. Andre, Liz Danforth, Nathan Long, Colin McComb, Mark Morgan (Fallout and Fallout 2 composer), and Michael Stackpole.

Is number six on Kickstarter’s “Most Funded” list, nestled between Double Fine Adventure and Homestuck Adventure Game.

Slated for Linux, Mac, and PC in late 2013 and will be bundled with the original title.

Much has changed since Brian Fargo first’s foray into the industry in 1982, after having been bitten by the video game bug with his first Apple II computer back in 1977. Fargo’s first game released was the graphic text-adventure RPG Demon’s Forge, which he developed and marketed himself as he worked on various educational games for World Book Encyclopedia.

By 1983, he had founded Interplay Productions where he developed another text-adventure game called Mindshadow which was published by Activision. Then came Bard’s Tale for Apple II and Commodore 64 from publisher Electronic Arts. After finding success, Fargo co-designed Wasteland and in 1988 Interplay became both a development studio and publishing house.

Interplay published Silicon & Synapse’s RPM Racing, developed by Ayman Adham and Michael Morhaime – who eventually changed their name to a Blizzard Entertainment. Other studios which found publishing deals under Interplay include Parallax Software, which was later renamed Volition, and even BioWare. Under Interplay’s Black Isle division, Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment were released, as was the original Fallout.

During the mid-1990′s, Universal/MCA had purchased a 45% stake in Interplay, and the firm went public in 1998. However, the firm’s main investor Titus Software and Fargo had a difference of opinion on how to run the company, so in 2000 Titus took over control of Interplay, a move which caused Fargo to resign.

It’s no wonder Fargo is less than trustful of large publishing firms, and is a huge supporter of indies. He started out as one; became entangled in big business politics and money; left for while; and now he’s making a comeback on his own terms in an era where indie is taking on triple-A – and by all accounts succeeding.

Independent developers are younger, hungry, tired of the status quo, and ready to fight tooth and nail for a place in gamer’s homes and handhelds.

“Look at the indie scene now compared to 2004. There was no Steam. There was no Kongregate. There was nothing for indies. It was the Dark Ages,” he said.

“You have to look at the snapshot over the last decade rather than the last year. You’ve got consoles like OUYA and GameStick – you’ve got all these companies embracing them, you’ve got Sony, Steam, you’ve got Project Greenlight, Kickstarter, it’s so much better now than it was. There was nothing back then.

“In fairness, you’ve got to have some perspective regarding what’s happened over this last decade to give so many more people a chance. I mean, there was literally nothing and there’s not a lot of opportunity in the triple-A space for indies to go pitch publishers. It’s almost non-existent. Thankfully we have these other vehicles now.

“I mean who would have thought a few years ago that Apple would come along with iPad and obliterate Nintendo. Who would have thought that would’ve happened?”

Fargo isn’t shy when voicing his opinion on the triple-A scene, and since he is an independent developer, he doesn’t have to worry about focus groups hired by larger publishers which dictate what sells and what doesn’t sell in the marketplace, such as the idea of a video game having a female protagonist as a main character.

“I think people were overly influenced by Tomb Raider and being the sexy heroine. Now, that isn’t what is necessary or needed to make a game work.”

Publishers have tried to force their ideas on developers – like Naughty Dog , a venerable developer which was asked to push Ellie to the back the box art for The Last of Us – with the suggestion that the game would not sell as well to what is deemed a predominantly male audience. Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream was also asked to show star Jodie Holmes brandishing a gun on the game’s cover. Both developers refused to budge. Dontnod were even told by publishers it pitched Remember Me to that female characters ‘don’t sell video games’, before signing with on with Capcom.

This insistence that women don’t work as protagonists, and serve merely as over-sexualised eye candy or romantic interest, is something Fargo blames on focus groups tested by marketing firms stuck in the glory days of Tomb Raider.

“This is my theory: I think people were overly influenced by Tomb Raider and being the sexy heroine,” Fargo told me. “In Wasteland, we have a female character and she’s a bad ass so I think that’s more where [female protagonists] are going.

“I think that Tomb Raider kind of broke the mold in having a female heroine. But she was sexy, so I think there was a natural marketing inclination that thought: ‘well that worked, so let’s kind of stick with that formula.’ Now, that isn’t what is necessary or needed to make a game work.

“I think we’re finally seeing an evolution beyond the Tomb Raider, sexy-heroine-only sort of attitude. I think that that’s suggesting itself pretty quickly in this climate.”

Going back to his roots

Spiritual successor to 1999′s Planescape: Torment.

Centers around a story-driven campaign set in Numenera, and authored by Monte Cook.

Launched on Kickstarter March 6, 2013 and was successfully funded within six hours.

Backers pledged $4.2 million towards $900,000 goal. It’s the second most funded gaming Kickstarter of all time.

Set for release in 2015 on Linux, Mac, and PC.

With Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera, Fargo and his team at inXile Entertainment are going back to their role-play roots after “not being able to develop,” what they wanted, and instead, doing “everything else.”

One such title the firm worked on in its early days, which was far from an RPG, was HEI$T for Codemasters: an open-world title set in San Francisco, California, circa 1969. In it, players controlled a group of criminals as they performed dozens of heists which would inevitably turn them into the greatest bank robber of all time. In addition to knocking off banks throughout the city, players would pull off further jobs such as raiding bars, restaurants, strip clubs, armored cars, and more in order to acquire the bigger and better tools needed to penetrate the increasingly more difficult banks and, eventually, the San Francisco Mint.

It sounded promising, but after being originally slated for release around Christmas 2007, in March 2008 Codemasters delayed the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 title to June the same year. After the announcement, the game fell off the radar until it was revealed in 2010 that it had been cancelled. Codemasters said at the time the project had been “terminated” as the firm was shifting focus to “high quality titles that will, in the majority, be developed and produced,” by its internal studios.

According to Fargo, the game had potential, and its troubled development cycle stemmed, in part, from too much publisher input.

“That was a game which had a lot of potential, and the writing was very Quentin Tarantino-ish. It had Christian Slater in it and he did wonderful job, he was very funny, ” said Fargo. “But that was just another situation where the developer just needed to be left alone to do their thing.

“It’s tough to be a developer, and on that particular project, we had an agreement where we would create an open-world game using Unreal Engine on the PS3 – but the specs didn’t exist yet. So, at that point you’re guessing and then when you finally get there you find there’s a performance issue and you say: ‘eh, let’s just drop it. We can make it run great on PC and Xbox – but [Codemasters wanted] PS3.

HEI$T – A grainy video of what might have been

“We didn’t know about the RAM issues or performance issues with Unreal on the console. We had no idea, and you just go round and round in conversations that get nowhere. That’s the thing about being a developer. There’s this difficult relationship [with the publisher] that’s unnecessary, and I find that the developers who are doing the best work have the ability to get paid on a regular basis and focus on what they’re doing – and that’s the beauty of doing a Kickstarter project.

“Because I can tell you as an executive of a company, you are spending 30-100 % of your time worrying about keeping all your guys employed. So what’s next? Pitches, production, everything takes 6-9 months. So when you half way through developing one, game you are already pitching another product. You are not spending all of your energy just focusing on the game – whereas with Wasteland and Torment all I am doing is worrying about the game. This allows me to make a better game. It sounds simple, but it’s a very important dynamic.”

Plus, with Kickstarter, the project’s backers are basically not only investors, but they can also be considered the publishers: this makes for a much more understanding and flexible “boss” if you will.

“The dynamic with the people who donate is much different [than working with investors], ” said Fargo. “Like with Wastelands 2, they were asking ‘when are we going to see the demo?’ It ended up being about four weeks later than planned, and they were like ‘no problem’. We delivered and everyone was happy.

“There also wasn’t the threat of: ‘if you don’t deliver the demo you don’t get paid.’ It’s a great dynamic. I could not be happier about being in a position to where the consumer who wants the game is also the one who helped fund the game. 100% of our interests are in line. I could not be happier.”

Big thanks to The_Red for reminding me to ask Fargo about HEI$T.


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  1. Brenna Hillier

    You’d think answering to 70,000 fans would be harder than a couple of suits at a publisher, since gamers have a reputation for being outspoken and, let’s face it, kind of reactionary. It’s interesting that Fargo’s paying public is a kinder and more engaged audience than the people who are supposed to know what we actually want from games.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Old MacDonald

    A good read. I like this kind of article. Looking forward to both Wasteland 2 and Torment. I only backed Wasteland 2, because while I get their reasons for doing another Kickstarter so soon, I personally want to see the result of my first pledge before considering if this is a developer I want to back again.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. sh4dow

    Big surprise… the fans collectively take the risk and they don’t get a cut in return, just the game and other goodies that cost comparatively little.

    But once there are a couple of disappointing games and people will wonder what the hell they spent their money on, things will probably change.

    #3 2 years ago
  4. DSB

    @1 Are they really? I’ve backed a lot of stuff left, right and center, and it seems to me like there’s always a group of people who are complaining and expecting too much no matter what you do. Like 15 bucks means you get to approve everything over the course of development.

    That’s the problem with the whole public side of it I guess.

    It is incredibly weird that everybody’s looking to Fargo as an icon though. Firstly because he’s all “gamer power” now, when he originally killed Interplay by going public. Secondly because inXile is synonymous with abject mediocrity.

    Have you played Choplifter HD guys? Play that, and then consider the wisdom of giving the man 5 dollars to make anything.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. Jerykk


    Don’t get a cut? Your cut is whatever reward you chose when you pledged. You act like you’ve invested millions into the company or something. Pledging to a Kickstarter is very much like pre-ordering a game. You are giving away your money based on faith and the hope that you’ll get a good game in return. There are no guarantees and you agree to that risk when you give your money.


    Fargo was also the one who helped greenlight classic games like Earthworm Jim, Sacrifice, MDK, Giants, Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale, etc. Interplay was already dying when he decided to take it public. That’s the whole reason he took it public. Sadly, making unique and niche games isn’t enough to sustain a big publisher which is why Fargo left Interplay and is now doing Kickstarter.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. DSB

    @6 So you’d give an executive money to develop a game based on the games he’s greenlit during his time as CEO? Doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.

    I find it a lot more interesting to look at what he’s done over the last decade, and calling that mediocrity is absolutely being courteous about it.

    #6 2 years ago
  7. BrianFargo

    I must say in my defense I do a lot more than greenlight projects. But its worth keeping in mind that the process of development is far more interactive than in years past and we will be working in tight conjunction with the gamers long before it is done. Back in the day we had to keep our fingers crossed that we nailed the right elements but this new transparency removes that variable. So yes it is true that working with the fans put our goals more in line than a publisher/investor who may have different pressures such as making a financial quarter, flipping an investment or badly managing a developer. Trust me when I say that this process is 100% better.

    #7 2 years ago
  8. Sini

    Good for you man, bet you wake up in the morning with more vigor working on games you have passion for, than when you were working on games just to keep afloat the company.
    I bet if there was no pc piracy you could pull double or more for these kickstarters too, but what can you do.

    #8 2 years ago
  9. sh4dow

    @5: What are you talking about? I mean a cut of the earnings! Publishers (which are the fans in the case of Kickstarter) who invest in games usually get the biggest percentage of the money a game makes!

    #9 2 years ago

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  • The Whispered World follow up now coming to PS4, too

    Deadalic’s gorgeous-looking adventure Silence has been confirmed for a fourth platform. Originally announced for Mac and PC with an Xbox One port one revealed at a later date, Silence is now on its way to PS4 as well. All versions are due later this year. Silence is Deadalic’s first multi-platform release and in my mind […]

  • Mythbusters to tackle DOOM this weekend

    DOOM is the subject of the next episode of Mythbusters. Having been airing for over ten years now, Mythbusters has pretty much run out of myths to bust, which is why we find ourselves in 2015 with an episode dedicating to answering the question “could DOOM be real?” Bethesda has rveealed that the January 31 […]

  • Destiny hosting a Bungie Bounty – go go go

    Destiny players have a chance to take down Bungie employees in return for one of the most exclusive vanity items in the game. Destiny’s Bungie Bounties usually feature guests from the community, and today’s event is no exception. Joining Bungie community manager David “Deej” Dague are several members of, the developer’s most staunch fan […]

  • Elite: Dangerous developer issues lay-offs

    Elite: Dangerous team Frontier Developments has had to let staff go. At least 15 staff have been laid off from the developer’s Halifax studio. According to an investor update, this decision will allow Frontier to focus its efforts at its primary studio in Cambridge, England. “With its business emphasis now on two major self-published franchises, […]

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition tavern songs free for a limited time

    Dragon Age: Inquisition tunes can be yours for the bargain price of zero cashmoney. The tavern songs from Dragon Age: Inquisition will be made available for purchase from various digital distributors sometime after February 9. Until then, though, you can have them for free – including their sheet music. To take advantage of this generous […]

  • Even the Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 teaser is frightening

    Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is probably going to be just as tense and uncomfortable as its two prequels. This teaser for Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is the first we’ve heard of the project since creator Scott Cawthon confirmed it is in the works. The third entry in the series is now up on […]

  • 6.6 million Xbox consoles shipped last quarter

    Xbox One and Xbox 360 console sales were strong last quarter, although Microsoft isn’t talking hard numbers yet. Microsoft shipped 6.6 million Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles to retailers in the quarter ending December 31, the company revealed in its latest financial briefing. This figure wasn’t broken down by platform, and Microsoft didn’t supply […]

  • Homeworld Remastered Collection: five minutes of b-roll footage

    We may not have proper, uncut gameplay footage of the Homeworld Remastered Collection, but we have the next best thing. Homeworld Remastered Collection was confirmed to release on February 25. Gearbox has only showed a trailer, but no extended gameplay demos. There was however a b-roll video showing at PAX South, and we’ve embedded it […]

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  • Dying Light launch trailer is one last display of its forte

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  • Watch The Witcher 3 developers stream new gameplay on Twitch

    The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt RED is hosting a Twitch live-stream to show off brand new gameplay footage and answer some fan questions. The live-stream will start at 7:00pm GMT, 2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST. It will show off plenty of new footage, some of which was shown only to the press so far. The […]

  • Finally, some screens for Final Fantasy 15

    Patience is a virtue and we finally have our hands on a few gameplay screens from Final Fantasy 15. There’s not a lot of them, but they show the impressive lighting and they’re all gameplay as far as I can tell, so take a look. There is no release date for Final Fantasy 15 as […]

  • Here’s 15 minutes of gameplay from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 1080p

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