1. BULArmy

    I picked the game today and played it for around 5h and I really don’t know why it attracted so much hate. Yes it doesn’t feel very scary, but neither 5 nor 4 felt scary to me.

    And this time around at least the AI partner don’t make the game a miserable experience, because of dumb AI. Yes they can’t shoot, but they are not getting in the way Sheva did.

    The story is the same cheesy/bad RE style.(I am saying that, because till now I’ve played Leon campaign)

    I like it for now much more then 5 and I think it is much more challanging then 5. Playing on higher difficulty is really challenging.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Kuwabara

    @1, re5 was way better than RE6. I was able to play through re5 multiple play throughs on my own and other people online. With re6 i could only be bothered to sit through it once. The boss fights and environments were more fun in re5, and to me the game felt longer and more enjoyable. With re6 the game is shorter, sure there are three different characters to play through, but most of the time they are in the same environment. The only campaign i enjoyed was Leons and the only other thing that was good was the stunning model of sherry berkin. She is hands down the hottest cg girl in gaming. Re5 although not a good horror game, is the most fun co op game ive played and i dnt think any resi game will match it unless they go back and remake from the ground up.

    #2 2 years ago

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