Command & Conquer: new details and gameplay – video

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 17:46 GMT By Sam Clay

Command & Conquer mega fans, your franchise is returning. We sent VG247’s ‘video colonel’ Sam Clay to the front lines to get you all the details.

Speaking with Tim Orton, the game’s senior development director, he answers all the key questions. It’s free to play – so expect to pay for general campaigns, customization and xp boosts – however right now they aren’t showing specific details on this.

And as we previously reported, they’ll be adding the other C&C franchises into this game. So, fans of Red Alert and Tiberium rejoice.

Command & Conquer is looking to have a closed beta test in the spring, which will open up later in the year. It’s PC only right now, so hopefully we’ll hear about a Mac version soon.