Pokemon X and Y screenshots signal the beginning of a new era

Monday, 14 January 2013 14:25 GMT By Nick Akerman

Nintendo has released a set of teasing screenshots to ramp up hype for the upcoming Pokemon X and Y titles. Does the capabilities of the 3DS overhaul the series? Take a look right here.

Nintendo have also confirmed the three starting Pokemon in the images. Players can choose between Chespin (grass), Fennekin (fire) and Froakie (water). As you can see, the new designs don’t stray too far from the traditional image.

More information has also been revealed with regards to the games’ legendary Pokemon. The height and weight of both can be found below:

Xerneus, 3.0 m (9’10”), 215.0 Kg (474 lbs.)
Yveltal, 5.8 m (19’00”), 203.0 Kg (447.5 lbs.)

Check out the screens right here: