Sony gains PS3 certification in China

Friday, 2 November 2012 15:58 GMT By Jeff Dunn

Chinese gamers may be one step closer to using consoles today, as Sony has been awarded the China Compulsory Certificate for its PlayStation 3 in the country.

As TechinAsia informs us, the CCC is “a compulsory safety mark for many products imported, sold or used in the Chinese market.” Sony was reportedly issued one last July, making it good until 2016.

While certainly welcome news for hopeful gamers in the region, the certificate doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Sony will be able to officially put consoles on retail there. Other dilemmas, such as ratings systems and cost, would have to be addressed before the PS3 was cleared for launch.

Technically speaking, gaming consoles have been banned in China since 2000, although they are frequently sold as grey market imports and labelled as “home entertainment devices.”

Thanks, GamesIndustry.