UK free-to-play market worth £216 million – report

Thursday, 1 November 2012 11:19 GMT By Dave Cook

The British F2P market is now worth £216, according to new research into the sector conducted by analysts SuperData. It’s a rapidly growing scene, the stats suggest.

MCV reports that the £216 figure comes from microtransaction sales in games like FarmVille and League of Legends. The market is expected to expand by 22.9% over the next three years, and is predicted to be worth £266.1 million by 2015.

The UK market is growing slower than the global arena however, which SuperData predicts will be worth £9.3bn before 2013. This is expected to rise by 53.5% to £14.23 billion by 2015.

On average the typical UK MMO player will spend 11.25p in social games and 11.64p in free-to-play MMO titles.

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