Wii U: Fils-Aime predicts families will use TVii at least once a day

Tuesday, 9th October 2012 09:45 GMT By Dave Cook

Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime has explained why he feels Wii U’s TV service TVii will be used by every family member at least once a day, stating that it will compete with regular TV services for your attention. reports that in a Seattle Times interview, Fils-Aime stated families woul “pick up and engage in [Nintendo TVii] at least once a day.”

Fils-Aime added, “If that helps them get more comfortable with the GamePad and in the end adds to more games being played, then that’s great. But fundamentally it’s part of the overall proposition of games, TV, plus social.”

He also added, “In terms of a way to find what you want, to actually watch it on the big screen or on the small screen and then to be socially engaged on it, yeah, we do think we’ve created a better mousetrap.”

It’s important to note that TVii is not a content provider itself – as also points out – but that it spans all of your services, makes recommendations, and adds social depth to your viewing.

For example, while watching an NFL match, scores from around the league will be streamed to your Wii U Gamepad, you can discuss the match with other viewers and more.

Like this:

“Based on the way you watch TV – which is based on shows,” Fils-Aime added, “based on the actors, based on the genres, based on what your friends are watching – we solve that equation by letting you search that way across all of your entertainment. For us, we think that’s the big idea.”



  1. The_Red

    “will be used by every family member at least once a day” Ok. What the hell Nintendo? First the comment from yesterday about Wii U being 19 times (!) more powerful than PS3 and now this.

    EVERY freaking family member using it EVERY day!? Seriously, you don’t hype the console for months and don’t release any real info and then in the last month start overhyping it to this degree?

    #1 2 years ago
  2. monkeygourmet


    Except that the 19X powerful thing was just bullshit. It was some random quote someone plucked out of nowhere.

    You can’t really turn it into something its not.

    This however, could be entirly true. You do realise how much TV some family’s watch, let alone how much TV some parents let there kids view?

    This is totally possible if people get used to grabbing for the Wii U tablet when their watching shows. MS is hoping for the same thing when it releases Smartglass.

    I have my iPad linked up to my media center which creates exactly the same exerience as Smartglass. I certainly couldn’t go back to a standerd setup now for movies etc…

    It will work especially well with sports, something MS tried with Kinect but it’s just not accurate enough at the moment.

    In actual fact, Nintendo will be first bringing this kind of experience to mainstream which is weird as it could turn out to be the Wii U’s killer app.

    Especially if it’s linked into your friends profiles.

    #2 2 years ago

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