Zombi U gets one death survival mode, Dark Souls hint system

Tuesday, 28th August 2012 08:47 GMT By Dave Cook

Zombi U features a neat respawn system that, once you die, puts you in the shoes of a different survivor trying to flee an overrun London. But now developer Ubisoft has upped the stakes with a crushingly difficult survival mode.

Nintendo World Report states that the Wii U survival horror title will come packed with a survival mode that sees you trying to complete the game with one life.

That’s it. No respawns no second chances, just one life and a sea of zombies between you and your goal.

To help ease the pain, Zombi U will also give players the chance to leave hints and helpful messages for other players, Dark Souls-style. Players must use their Wii U tablet as a scanner to read the hidden messages on surfaces in-game.

What about you? Is that something you would try, or does it sound like a fool’s errand?



  1. monkeygourmet

    This game is a system seller to me, still a complete sucker for zombie survival games…

    Also, it actually attempts something ‘new’ coupled with stealing some amazing mechanics from dark souls, what’s not too like?!

    I really hope Left for Dead 3 gets announced soon (720 launch title would be awesome sauce), I can’t believe it when people complained about 2 coming out so soon?! That’s one title I wouldn’t mind if it had a yearly cycle or map pack system.

    #1 2 years ago

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