Blow: developers should consider what games are “doing to everybody”

Tuesday, 14th August 2012 04:49 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Braid and The Witness creator Jonathan Blow has called on developers to consider the consequences of gaming’s impact on broader culture.

Speaking to the amusingly baffled CBS, the famously outspoken Blow described the industry as “a big mess right now” when asked where it might be headed, and said his brain-bending puzzle platformer Braid,was made in response to an “idea of what games should do”.

“They should be pushing the boundaries and trying to expand the medium because someday games can have a much bigger role in terms of their participation,” he said.

“We as video game designers are creating a significant part of the modern environment. We should be thinking about what that is doing to everybody.”

You can watch the full feature segment below. It’s kind of cute that a confused mainstream news source has an opinion on who is “the most famous video games developer in the world”, and the “most intellectually ambitious game”, really.



  1. sh4dow

    … the horror …

    This demonstrates very well why I haven’t watched mainstream news in years. Simply disgusting how they throw around superlatives mindlessly and create a hype around Braid and Blow that makes them seem a lot bigger to the laymen than they actually are perceived in the industry.
    And constantly throwing those questionable, hyping comments instead of actually letting Jon speak. Who has probably a higher IQ than those two doofuses there combined.

    But of course the mainstream gaming media unfortunately somewhat resembles that. Because… would the game presented in this video be maybe a new Devil May Cry, this video or at least screenshots of it would be all over EVERY major gaming site (and only recently, most sites were talking about alleged Kinect 2 shape detection – which was simply not indicated by that screenshot). Yet, out of three major ones I visit every day, VG24/7 was the only site to even bother reporting on it. Even Yerli having an extraordinarily big bowel movement would probably make it into the headlines of more sites.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. sh4dow

    And I just realized… even here, it’s just posted in “Trade”, not “Indie” or even console sections. Because who would be interested in a bit of behind the scenes for “The Witness”, right? -_-

    #2 2 years ago

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