‘Nintendo’s ecosystem will ultimately fall apart’ – Ngmoco

Thursday, 2nd August 2012 09:45 GMT By Dave Cook

Nintendo may be shooting itself in the foot because of its lack of new characters or IP, says Ngmoco CEO Neil Young. The Rage of Bahamut developer doesn’t seem phased by Nintendo much at all for that matter.

Ngmoco currently boasts Android and iOS mega hit Rage of Bahamut, a collectible card game app with a fantasy twist. Check it out here.

Speaking with Gamasutra at a developer showcase, Young explained, “The ecosystem that they’ve created, it’s just really difficult to justify spending 30 dollars on a game that is anything other than a Mario, a Zelda, a Pokemon. I think that ultimately their ecosystem starts to fall apart.”

When asked if he felt Nintendo was a competitor to Ngmoco, Young replied, “No. Well… no.”



  1. Fin

    Yep, sounds right.

    As my main man Michael Pachter put it, “Hardcore gamers who don’t care about Zelda or Mario won’t care about Wii U”.

    #1 2 years ago
  2. Robo_1

    To my own surprise, I find I fit that description perfectly. I was first inline for a Wii, and got a kick out of stuff like Red Steel and Rayman, but I’ve never really clicked with Nintendo’s first party output, and having already played with a tablet, I’m just not feeling much excitement for the Wii U.

    I wish Nintendo well and I think it would be to the detriment of the industry if Wii U failed, but I think they’re going to struggle. The market they cultivated with Wii has very likely moved onto smartphones and tablets, and the core crowd are mostly looking for the generational leap which MS and Sony presumably have planned.

    It would be foolish to underestimate them though. They have a better handle on how to lure the masses with play than anyone else in the industry, but sadly, I find it difficult to muster much enthusiasm for the Wii U at the moment.

    #2 2 years ago
  3. deathm00n

    Finally someone with sense in this industry, Super Nintendo was my second videogame(first a Atari 2600), and it was awesome at the time, then some days ago I played my cousin’s wii, and he said: “You should try new super mario bros” “Okay, let me see it”. And it’s the same thing I’ve played 13 years ago in my super nintendo. Even if you are a casual gamer I don’t see the reason to rely on nintendo, there’s so many good casual games in the PC , who don’t have a PC in their house now a days?

    #3 2 years ago
  4. polygem

    i bought a lot of games for the 3ds. i am more than ready to spend much more cash on 3ds games…some of those DS and 3ds games are among my most favourite games of all time. there is no smartphone game coming even close to this…so to me this sounds like a huge pile of bs.

    i don´t think what pachter and this guy here are saying is even close to the reality we will see. i predict that the wii u will be a huge success, same as the 3ds.

    i am a “hardcore gamer”. i play games since gaming was invented really. i like different genres AND i am bored to death by most of the stuff ms and sony bring to the table…i cannot wait for wii u.

    #4 2 years ago
  5. OlderGamer

    “i am a “hardcore gamer”. i play games since gaming was invented really. i like different genres AND i am bored to death by most of the stuff ms and sony bring to the table…i cannot wait for wii u.”

    Just described how I feel to a T Bud.

    #5 2 years ago
  6. stealth

    “Ngmoco CEO ”

    mobile casual nothing to see here

    “Apple and Android are now doing a number on Nintendo.”"

    Oh, so thats why the XL sold 200k in 2 days in japan, where they are dying>

    “Extrapolating from trends in Japan, where mobile has far outstripped traditional console games to take the lion’s share of industry profits”

    3ds has been the number 1 selling platform in japan since last june, 3ds is going away in japan huh?

    the guy is a baffoon

    Its another example of an insecure mobile guy trying to take a shot at the big dog on the block

    first of all his games are ****

    #6 2 years ago
  7. fearmonkey

    I’m just not that interested in the Wii-u, yet I really wish I was excited for it :( The tablet controller just doesn’t thrill me.

    #7 2 years ago

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