EA’s Peter Moore: ‘Zynga is like a runner hitting a wall’

Thursday, 2 August 2012 17:56 GMT By Dave Cook

EA’s Peter Moore has spoken out regarding plummeting Zynga stock, stating that the company is running a marathon, but has ‘hit a wall’.

In a Bloomberg interview, EA COO Peter Moore has expressed concern over Zynga’s unfortunate circumstances.

“To use, if you will, an Olympic analogy,” Moore stated, “we’re competing in the decathlon and if we miss in one event, we’ve got nine others we can make up on. Zynga is running a marathon. They just hit the wall and dropped to their knees.”

Moore’s analogy explains that EA performs well due to having IP across multiple formats, aimed at a diverse range of markets, and suggests that Zynga has boxed itself in too tight.

Zynga’s stock dropped as low as $2.75 today, and has struggled to surpass the $3.00 mark.

Watch the full Peter Moore interview at Bloomberg here.

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