Troika veteran heads zombie RPG Kickstarter effort

Thursday, 7th June 2012 00:09 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Another day, another crowd-funded indie vying for your attention. I don’t even read the descriptions anymo- “DoubleBear Productions is an indie RPG developer founded by Brian Mitsoda (formerly of Black Isle, Troika, and Obsidian)”.

Take my money.

The Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines writer and designer is joined by another well respected RPG name – co-founder Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda, also an Obsidian veteran, of Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir fame.

“Our goal with Dead State is to bring back the gameplay, dialogue choices, and turn-based combat of classic RPGs but with an unusual setting and some much needed system innovation,” the develoepr writes of its first effort, Dead State.

The PC RPG features tactical turn-based combat, survival mechanics, a morale-based relationship system with gameplay effects, and several other features designed to part me from all of my money as soon as possible.

Check out the pitch video below and visit the Kickstarter to contribute. DoubleBear is seeking $150,000 and has already gathered almost a third of that, with 28 days to go.

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  1. TheWulf

    If it were anything but Yet Another Bloody Zombie Game in an already incredibly over-saturated market of dull zombie games…

    Sorry Troika. I can’t fund this, not in good conscience at least.

    I suppose one thing that really bothers me is their hesitance to include anything paranormal, which could make it really interesting. Like, say…. oh, you know… nWoD. (I still think that werewolf cowboys is one of the greatest concepts ever to grace my ears, and that was of that Universe.)

    But no, they’re completely dedicated to making it as boring as conceivably possible. The truth of the matter is is that most people, the vast majority thereof, are boring. And you can only use so much emotional leverage before that gets old. The Walking Dead is doing an okay job of that, but too much of that leads to over-saturation.

    And by excluding anything other than people and zombies, you’re restricting yourself to two types of creature that will roughly have the same amount of personality and charm unless you have a very good stable of writers. The reason fantasy and sci-fi exists is because there aren’t a lot of really interesting things you can do with a purely human, mostly normal world. If it were a thing, then the Sims would be the biggest hit sensation conceivable with all gamers.

    The truth of the matter is is that not every human can be Professor Elemental. We know this. We know this. Most people by and large are average joes. But when you start introducing shit like what goes on in the World of Darkness setting, you can actually waive there being more eccentric people there.

    I’m not sure if I’m conveying my point well, here, but the more normal you make your setting, the more boring your characters then ultimately have to be. You can’t have any characters with a true amount of depth, none that have really experienced a lot, or who’ve gained depth through meditation, pain, being on the outside, and/or wanderlust.

    The reason the Walking Dead is working is because it’s only going to be six short-ish episodes and that’s fine. But I wouldn’t want to play a full length RPG like that. Why? Same reason I got bored with the comic series fairly damn quickly. Same reason my friends got bored of the TV show pretty quickly. If you base your story around average Joes, it’s going to be as boring as fuck.

    And you only need to look at British soap operas to know how true this is.

    So I really think that they’re doing themselves a disservice. And I can’t fund a game that I know that I’ll play for likely an hour or so before I get completely bored of it, and I end up scavenging for something more interesting again.

    I know not everything can be Psychonauts or Bastion. But people could at least try.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. DSB

    I’m so out of pocket with all the great games being crowdfunded at the moment. My bleeding heart is bled dry.

    I knew Dead State was next in line, and thankfully it looks like people are supporting it. Can’t really spare a buck until next month though :P

    The idea is brilliant. It sounds a lot like a turnbased Project Zomboid, but that’s not a bad thing in my book.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. AHA-Lambda

    If they support Mac OSX these guys can have all my monies

    #3 3 years ago
  4. Kabby

    You could take ‘all your monies’ and get a Windows PC.

    #4 3 years ago
  5. AHA-Lambda

    or not because I *shock horror* like my mac and am also not trying to be a douche about my choice of pc hardware.
    so yeah gtfo ;)

    #5 3 years ago
  6. Jerykk


    If you have good writers, you don’t really need to rely on gimmicks to make interesting characters. Take Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, for example. Yes, most of the characters were vampires but even if they weren’t, they still would have been interesting. Their appeal was derived from their personalities, not their vampiric nature.

    If the characters in Dead State have well-developed personalities, agendas, backgrounds, etc, they’ll be just as interesting to interact with.

    #6 3 years ago
  7. roadkill

    AHA-Lambda why do you prefer Macs over PCs? Because PCs can look quite as stylish if you know which components to buy and from where. But it will cost you just as much as a Mac if you decide to do that. Though it will have better hardware.

    #7 3 years ago
  8. AHA-Lambda

    That would be true providing that I value most in the Mac is that it just looks nice.

    I could build a beefy pc rig (and have done so in the past) but I will miss out on the OSX software then. Seriously, the Mac is the smoothest pc experience I’ve ever had and I’ve had barely a problem from it at all. I wouldn’t go back to windows at all; I even planned to bootcamp Windows 7 but completely decided against it.

    #8 3 years ago

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