EA to bring a “number of sports titles” to Wii U

Thursday, 7th June 2012 11:34 GMT By Johnny Cullen

EA CEO John Riccitiello has said several of EA Sports’ titles will come to Wii U.

In an investor call last night at E3, Riccitiello said the publisher it’d have “a number of sports games we’re going to have on the platform that we haven’t announced yet.”

You can assume FIFA and Madden, at least, are safe bets.

Riccitiello appeared at the Nintendo press conference at E3 last year to state EA’s support for Wii U. This year, however, only one title was confirmed by the publisher for the platform: Mass Effect 3.

The BioWare RPG, according to the EA CEO, will be the “single best piece of software” for the platform.



  1. ManuOtaku

    thanks the heavens they didnt drop this bomb on e3, we wouldnt have that many reporters alive at this moment, maybe vg247 would run out of their staff completly, what a shocker.

    #1 3 years ago

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