DICE CEO feels next-gen’s rumored anti-used system “can be a win and a loss”

Tuesday, 1st May 2012 20:51 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

DICE’s Patrick Bach feels the anti-used game measure rumored for next-gen consoles is a double-edged sword.

Speaking with CVG, Bach feels while good from a business standpoint as well as provide more diversity in games, it could also alienate the consumer’s purse strings.

“I think that can be a win and a loss,” he said. “I think it’s a loss if it only means that you will be able to get fewer games for the same money. But in theory you could see it the other way, because a lot of companies making games today are struggling based on second-hand sales.

“So if you think that there are too few new IPs on the market, no one can take that risk if their game is at risk of being resold too many times. Therefore you see a lot of online games being the most popular. You mentioned that you feel like a lot of [online shooters] have the same formula and this is one of the reasons, which most people seem to not realise.

“On the positive side you could see more games being created because of this, and also more new IPs, because there’d be a bigger market for games that don’t have for instance multiplayer. There could be awesome single player-only games, which you can’t really do these days because people just pirate them, which is sad.

“From a gamer perspective, if you want to buy as many games as possible then this could be a problem, but if you want more diverse games then it’s a more positive thing than negative. The only thing I know is that people are not doing it to be evil and stupid, it’s about trying to create some benefits for consumers.”

Many developers have weighed-on on the subject as 2013 – the years new consoles from Sony and Microsoft are rumored for a reveal- approaches. Many feel the same as Bach, while others are staunchly for or against it.

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  1. Wolverine

    thats strange but, only EA and his studios talk about this shit (crytek and now DICE) … what a joke, worst company in united states and you don’t know why ? are you sure ?

    #1 3 years ago
  2. ejams

    Honestly, I think I’m one of the only people who doesn’t personally have an issue with this system. I never buy my games used, and I never borrow games from my friends because they all have Xbox’s. Plus, I mostly play single-player heavy games so if this is what is going to happen, I have no issue. The only problem with that is that I’m not the only consumer out there, and we all know this is going to have heavy repercussions from all of those who hate this system.

    #2 3 years ago
  3. freedoms_stain

    Lets say they introduce an anti-used system in the next generation of consoles, in theory this means Pubs will sell a lot more new copies and thus increase their revenue. Now, here’s the conundrum, what do they do with the extra takings? Are they going to bank them as pure profit, or are they going to help the gamers out a little bit by cutting the RRP or maybe charging less for dlc or putting more extra content out for free?

    To be perfectly honest I think a system whereby pubs expect us to pay £40 a pop for new games then another £20-40 in dlc over the course of a year – they’re fucking kidding themselves if they think we can actually maintain that kind of expenditure. If the security on those systems gets cracked – and there has yet to exist a console or form of DRM that could not be cracked either by software or by hardware – then they will probably see console piracy explode in a way which will make the level of piracy we see today on PC look like small change.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. IL DUCE

    More money means they can’t take more risk…hell who knows maybe they’d lower the price of games, but you’d definitely see new IPs and no more randomly included multiplayer in games that didn’t need it…used games are whack, they’re not that much cheaper than the new ones anyway half the time its just an extra 5 bucks off…quit being cheap and support the industry

    #4 3 years ago
  5. OlderGamer

    Duce +1

    #5 3 years ago

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