Fargo has been working “since the beginning” on getting Obsidian involved on Wasteland 2

Tuesday, 3rd April 2012 14:26 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

inXile’s Brain Fargo has said he’s been working since the beginning on getting part of the band back together for Wasteland 2.

Speaking with RPS, Fargo said it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, despite the team’s lingering desire to work together again.

“I’ve been working on it since the beginning. It’s not like that was easy for me to pull together but there was a desire for me…we’ve been wanting to work together for some time,” he said. “There’s a mutual respect and of course when it comes to Fallout, that’s yet more people who helped work on that, so I’m super-happy to be working with them. And especially Chris [Avellone] in particular. He’s a real talent and he’s gonna help.

“To me, I bring on all these people and they help to set the bar very high so that everybody follows. Even the concept artist you might have seen, Andrée Wallin, you get this super-talent involved and they get the bar up there and then everybody else follows. And the thing about Chris, is that he’s hyper-passionate about Wasteland. For him, it was one of the seminal products that got him into the industry, developed his love for roleplaying games, so I think it’s really kind of a dream for him too.

“This product is right in his wheelhouse.”

So far the project has reached the $1.9 million mark. Not long to go before it hits $2.1 million and Obsidian fully commits to the project.



  1. TheWulf

    So glad to see this happening. It’s like the ’80s/’90s again. People of imagination just getting together to make a thing. I love it.

    I hope it works out for them. I truly do. If it does it’ll set the most incredible precedent anyone could hope for, something that might finally pull gaming out of the stagnant, foetid rut it has so unfortunately found itself stuck in recently.

    My gosh this could be amazing. Praise be to KickStarter and their ability to shift paradigms, and we have been operating under a bad paradigm for quite some time, now.

    #1 3 years ago

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