Confrontation hitting PC April 5, new screens arrive

Tuesday, 20th March 2012 16:51 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Focus Home Interactive has announced Cyanide’s tactical role-playing game Confrontation, an adaptation of the fantasy miniature wargame by Rackham, will be released for PC on April 5 at retail and digitally. It also sent along some screenshots which reveal the Griffin squad infiltrating enemy territory, which like all territories in the game, is a hostile to the Akkylannian soldiers of the Griffin. More information on the game is available through the official website. There’s a teaser below with the shots, but you may have seen it already.



  1. TheWulf

    Shot #22: Shiny, perfect human versus ugly gnoll thing.


    You know, sometimes I wonder if gamers are so xenophobic because their entertainment is so xenophobic.

    Frankly, most of the shit we’re charged with killing is something I’d actually like playing as for a while. And there are very few people out there with the balls to make humans the bad guys unless your player character is also a human.

    That makes me sad.

    It’s just so limited, creatively speaking. I mean, you have all these diverse races you could be playing, and yet there’s still this fixation on playing as shiny, perfect humans.

    Except the humans are invariably genocidal maniacs.

    I’m still waiting for the game where I play a random mob from a game that runs around arresting ‘heroes’ for barbarous, butcherous crimes against their peoples.

    It’s funny. The Moonpaths mod for Skyrim actually left me feeling more like I was actually doing something good than the entire game did. In that mod, I’m part of a small ragtag band of rebels whom I would like to see remain alive, and the Thalmor are presented as the batshit crazy fucks that they were always supposed to be.

    The thing is is that Bethesda never had the guts to really pull the trigger on that, so the Thalmor representation is much more tame compared to what they’re supposed to be doing.


    Yeah, I’m kind of tired of the perfect human hero actually being this genocidal maniac that runs around killing anything that isn’t human. It’s excusable in WH40k where everyone accepts that the human empire is composed of these xenophobic headcases who’re often total nutjobs, but other than that?


    I think this is why I love the Charr so much. They play up to these sensibilities.

    I mean, in Guild Wars: Prophecies, it was hinted at that the Ascalonians were these crazy xenophobes but you really had to watch the quest text to catch it. This was then confirmed in Eye of the North (the expansion) and the Ecology of the Charr lore piece.

    And then in Guild Wars 2 you get to play the Charr, and you pretty much find out that the reason the Charr have become so militaristic is because they’ve had so many things trying to kill them.

    I’ll cover that real quick:

    - Human gods send in Forgotten to brainwash everyone into worshipping both humans and their gods.
    - Forgotten encounter Charr.
    - Charr refuse to be brainwashed, being very free-spirited, if tribal peoples.
    - Forgotten go all tyrannical and try to wipe out the races that won’t fall into line.
    - The Charr force the Forgotten off their land and into seclusion.
    - Human gods lead humanity into Tyria.
    - At the command of their gods, they start slaying Charr. Women, children, it doesn’t matter. They’re all ‘mindless beasts.’
    - The Charr organise and fight back, they almost manage to force these invaders out of their lands, but…
    - An assassin using divine power killed the Charr leadership, throwing the Charr into chaos.
    - The Charr city states, terrified of these gods and their power, and now decapitated, flee.
    - This leads to a civil war between the three Charr factions to establish leadership, with the idea that whomever emerges would have to be ‘strong enough’ to kill the human gods.
    - The Flame Legion find their own gods (but these are actually the spawn of one of the human gods who’d gone insane).
    - The Flame Legion use these gods to enslave the Charr through brain-washing and fear.
    - A Charr rebellion gets going.
    - They kill their gods.
    - They retake Ascalon.
    - They start down the road of technology, becoming ‘naytheists’ (seeing gods as creatures to be challenged and killed, rather than worshipped).

    But yeah. One of the reasons that Guild Wars 2 amuses me so much is that it’s ballsy of ArenaNet to make the lore of the Charr essentially: Humans and human gods ruin everything. Mostly due to how violent, tyrannical, and murderous they are.

    It puts a whole new spin on things.

    I’d like to see that happen more often. Why do we always have to be the good guys in everything? ArenaNet has thrown the first stone, there, though. And I hope that it inspires others to do the same.

    I hate it when things continue to occur to me on a topic.

    I suppose that the reason humans always acting as good guys bothers me is because half of the things they do aren’t really good, but they’re praised as heroes regardless. It just feels intellectually dishonest.

    Occasionally I like seeing a storyteller say ‘okay, humans are these warmongering bastards that it’s up to you to put down.’

    WH40k did that. ArenaNet has done that. But that I can count the examples on one hand means that not enough sources of entertainment are brave enough to actually do that, and I don’t see why not. We’re not children, I think we can handle it.

    And it’s better than trying to portray genocidal maniacs as heroes. At least in my opinion.

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