New Of Orcs and Men screenshots contain many Orcs, few Men

Friday, 16th March 2012 16:11 GMT By Dave Oshry

Of Orcs and Men is an RPG.  It “looks” quite good.  Here are some screenshots to prove it.

Not a clue what this game is about?  Let’s see what the press release has to say:

“Of Orcs and Men immerses you into a brutal world at war, where the Empire of Men’s oppressive threat looms over the territories of the Orcs and the Goblins. Goblins are systematically persecuted and slaughtered, while Orcs not killed in battle are captured and enslaved. The game first puts you into the role of an elite Orc soldier from the legendary legion of Bloodjaws, a league of warriors deeply involved in the war opposing the Orcs and Goblins on one side to their persecutors, Humankind.”

That’s right, you play as an Orc and get to fight against the dirty, stinking human race.  Sounds kinda fun, actually.

Of Orcs and Men will be out on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year.



  1. TheWulf

    Huh. That’s certainly graphically pretty.

    Interesting premise, too.

    Will keep an eye on this one.

    The more I read about this, the more intrigued I am. I would really love to see something like this to succeed.

    I don’t know. I’m just bored with humancentricity. Most boring bloody race in the Universe. I think I’ve pointed this out before, but the moment you step away from base human, you introduce interesting new elements to your game.

    The element here is that the characters aren’t super-sexualised and meant to be oh so handsome or sexy. No fantasy men with impossibly perfect teeth here.

    So yeah, these guys are a bit on the ugly side. And that’s something I keep hoping for. I actually find playing the aforementioned all the time really… really boring. We’ve been doing the same old shit now for the past decade. Time for a change?

    Though I do worry that the intrinsic xenophobic nature of gamers will actually turn them off something like this. Because so many gamers seem to want more of the same. And playing something not human may be too alienating for minds that are far too fragile for their own good.


    Well, I can hope.

    #1 3 years ago
  2. Dave Oshry

    @1 Hope for the rest of us. ^__^

    #2 3 years ago
  3. TheWulf

    Yeah, I don’t mean to be too sarcastic with that, but…

    I can’t count the amount of games that have failed purely because they didn’t have what’s considered to be a ‘relatable protagonist’ and that makes me really sad, sometimes. It’s amazing how many people can’t reach beyond what they know.

    I mean, that’s what imagination is for.

    I admit, I am a bit of a crazy imagineer. I’m an INFP and we’re known for such, but it’s not that hard. All you have to do is just set aside what you know for a bit and try to get into something different, be adventurous.

    So yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to any game that lets me play something that isn’t the generic old handsome human protagonist.

    #3 3 years ago
  4. jldoom

    I see what you mean @TheWulf, I usually start a human in every game, play for the “good” side then hop on over to the “bad” side and try the more random races in an RPG if the options are available. Not even to turn this into a “color” debate, but most of the awesome protagonists in games are usually caucasian, so in a way I never really relate to them myself, seeing as I’m more of a darker skin tone. If anything the connection is made through the emotions and how the character gets to handle the situations he encounters, at least for me.

    This game does look nice though, at least from the screen shots, anything new and refreshing is always welcome in my book!

    PS: Doesn’t the dude in the 2nd picture (top row, left –> right) holding out his arm look like a Sith character from Star Wars with that mask on? lol

    #4 3 years ago
  5. romkabo

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    #5 2 years ago

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